Is there any way your database could be redesigned so that music searches are done by artist?

Searching by genre is very inefficient and time consuming.

thank you.

Thanks for your suggestion. At this time there isn't an easy way to offer a browse-by-artist option in our catalog, however it's something we hope to address in the future. Meanwhile, on the advanced catalog search page (, there are some additional search options that may be helpful. For example, you can search by a call number, such as CD Blues* (with the asterisk), and specify both the format (e.g. CD) and the option to sort alphabetically by author. It's not a perfect solution, but it is one way to browse CD genres by artist at this time.



love it

i like adele

me too

Where is the search catalog function? It was so easy to use before you changed it.

Is it possible to browse books on CD? I don't see that category.

A nice way to look for things. Thanks.