Going, Going Green!

You may have noticed that at AADL we’re into green: our new branches feature elements of sustainable design, such as bioswales and convective cooling, and our newest branch, Traverwood (opening this summer!) even boasts the use of ash trees reclaimed from the site. This January we also transitioned from disposable plastic bags to more environmentally friendly, reusable canvas totes, which are available at any circulation desk for $2.

Following that train of thought we’ve added “green living” to the records of titles that focus on practical applications of environmentally friendly ideals—like alternative energy for your home, reducing your carbon footprint and even raising your children “green.” A simple keyword search for “green living” does the trick, bringing up over 70 recent titles. Standouts include Organic Housekeeping and How to Live Well without Owning a Car, a favorite of the people at GetDowntown.