A "Room of Her Own"

Today, January 25, is the birthday of writer, Virginia Woolf who was born in London in 1882. She never went to school but read books chosen by her scholar father. At 22, she began to write literary criticism for the Times Literary Supplement. In 1917, Woolf and her husband, Leonard Woolf established the Hogarth Press which allowed Woolf to publish her experimental fiction in which she tried to capture the inner lives of her characters. Her first success was Mrs. Dalloway about the thoughts of a middle-aged woman on the day she gives a party. The whole story takes place in one day in which she muses on the city sounds around her and about her past and present. Other books followed including To the Lighthouse and The Waves. But she was also one of the greatest essayists of her day. One of her longest, A Room of One's Own is an admonition to women to explore their creativity: "So long as you write what you wish to write, that is all that matters..."