The Wire

If you haven’t watched The Wire, what are you missing?

For one thing, a series that that’s been called one of the best on TV.

Don’t write this off as just another run-of-the-mill cop show. The series starts by exploring both sides of the Baltimore drug war, and expands its focus from there. Great writing and characters make this a compelling show.

This HBO series started its fifth – and sadly, last - season on January 6th. Catch up on the first three seasons here at the library.


I agree. Love the Wire. Last season was especially interesting for me having been a teacher in a school with similar issues.The "Wire" is adept at showing the relationships between the cops, the junkies, the school kids, the politicians and now the media--there's never been a show like it.

please order Season 4. It is out in dvd format now.

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