American Girl goes way back to the 70's!

In the midst of a caucus cacophony, even young people may be in the mood for an election story. Meet Julie, one of the newest American Girls (who makes me feel old). In 1974 she runs for president of the student body when something unfair happens to her at school. Just like today's presidential candidates, Julie needs diligence and creative campaigning to pull off a win.


That sounds like an interesting addition to the American Girls stories. I would have loved the character as a kid. Props to Julie, speaking as an adult, too!

Oh yeah. All right. Take it easy baby. Make it last all night (make it last all night.) She was an American Girl.

That's out of context, JJM.

oh dear. i doubt that's the soundtrack to the book....

No, but it would be on the soundtrack of "Silence of the Lambs" if there was a soundtrack from that movie.

Ha ha.

It also creeps me out that the 70s is now considered a historical era...