Pokemon Craziness

Join the Pokemon Frenzy! Bring your DS and your copy of Pokemon Diamond or Pearl to battle in such places as the Pokemon Union Room or the Hoenn Underground! Prizes will be award to the top two finishers each day. Come at the beginning of the event to register to be in the tournament.

December 26: Level 50 & Under Tournament
Downtown Library Multipurpose Room, 1-5 PM

December 27: Level 51 & Over Tournament
Downtown Library Multipurpose Room, 1-5 PM

December 28: Pokemania Championship
Downtown Library Multipurpose Room, 1-5 PM

Don’t have a Nintendo DS? Don’t worry about it. Come anyway and battle using our house Pokemon. Or bring your XD and have impromtu matches with friends at the event. Hope to see you there!


The flyer said that these dates would be open play. So I'm wondering if you will have the gamecubes set up or if this is just Pokemon?

Hey Eli, or lola. I have a question. Will it be laid out like is

Pokemon XD on left side Pokemon Battle revolution on right side

Tell me if i am wrong A.S.A.P.


what days are ppl coming to open play??

edit: i see that open play is starts at 5 which is the end of the pokemon tournament, does this mean there wont be smash open play during the poke tourney?

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me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

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Correct, there will not be smash open play until 5 PM weds-fri this week. The cubes are all set up for other games, but Smash is still rated T, and we get some pretty little kids at the pokemon tournaments.

Eli, do you or someone you know have a camera that can record and upload on the computer(with sound)? If you do can you or that person bring it and record some of our matches please. I would like to E-mail my Matches to my friends because they are in Illinois. If you can do that i will truly be greatful. Thanks!