Going on a bug hunt.

It was the 1960 Hugo Awards winner for Best Novel. The novel has been criticized for overt its social and political themes, which some call militaristic, racist, and fascist. The novel is Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein. The story follow Juan Rico from his enlistment in the Mobile Infantry through his eventual promotion to lieutenant during the Bug War.

Despite all of the controversy around the book, I must say I really enjoyed it. Accoridng to Wikipedia, the book is on the reading lists for several branches of the military. I was required reading for actors playing marines in the movie Aliens.

We also have the novel on cassette and CD.


This is certainly an interesting book and it doesn't play forth like a standard novel. As I recall, the book is almost entirely exposition. I liked the movie version too, though it essentially similar to the book in that the main characters have similar names.