High Tide for Aquaman!

If it appears that life is imitating HBO - well, maybe it is. In a news item similar to the storyline of last seasons Entourage actors with "incredible swimmer's bod[ies]" are encouraged to apply. So goes a current casting notice for a possible WB series about underwater overachiever Aquaman, according to the fan site AquamanTV.com. Aquaman debuted in DC Comics in 1941--the adopted son (in some versions of the origin) of a lighthouse keeper who grows to learn his birthright lies in the submerged island of Atlantis. Befitting his name, Aquaman is at his best in the water, where he telepathically talks to fish, plays mind games with whales and spends time with a young charge called Aqualad. Smallville's Alfred Gough and Miles Millar will executive produce. Like their current WB series, the duo's Aquaman pilot will not be rife with capes, tights and codpiece accoutrements. Rather, the show will be a "grounded version of the Aquaman mythology," Gough told Daily Variety.


How can you have Aquaman without his fish. It's like DDR without the Pad.

Yeah.. I wonder if its going to be O.C.-drama with more salty ocean vistas..

Yeah we really need another one of those. It's just going to ruin aquaman (not that there was much to ruin since he was one of the weakest and strangest superheros).