Kafka and Comics

In Kafka's The Trial, Josef K. finds himself the subject of undefined charges by an authority that is also never clearly defined. It is now 1986 and the accused 'K.' is in America for The Appeal. The great Will Eisner has added an interesting twist to the story--the judge is now the defendant. Eisner has a wonderful technique for flashbacks and the outcome of the new "trial" is priceless.
Peter Kuper has also done a wonderful job interpreting The Metamorphosis and Give It Up!:and other short stories. His black and white drawings, reminiscent of woodcut prints, result in a noisy, in your face, American take on German Expressionism.


On the cockroach and metamorphosis aspects I recommend trying Kockroach: a Novel by Tyler Knox, in which a cockroach in 50’s NYC finds itself transformed into a human and the Reaktion series on animals (the books recount the science of the animal plus its appearances in literature, mythology, legend, and film and television: the library has 20 volumes in the series, including one on cockroaches).