#1 Record/Radio City

Although they only released three albums, Big Star is one of the most influential power pop bands of all time. They combined the best aspects of bands like the Kinks and the Byrds, added a touch of soul and created songs that are fantastically catchy. Frustration from their lack of commercial success led to several lineup changes and ultimately to the band's break up, but critics and bands such as R.E.M. continue to rate Big Star as one of the most important bands of the seventies.

#1 Record/Radio City is a one disc compilation of Big Star's first two albums, originally released in 1972 and 1974.


I don't remember Big Star as being a very good band. They weren't as versatile as the Kinks or as catchy as the Byrds. Maybe I was just disappointed in singer Alex Chilton. I loved the Box Tops and thought that Chilton had an appealing voice, but it seemed much weaker in Big Star. Maybe the strength of his voice on The Letter was due to production techniques or maybe the early Big Star releases were poorly mixed. I'm looking forward to hearing this recording. Maybe it is just my memory that is weak!

Big Star is great - I urge the Library to order the new CD that just was released this month with 2 original members + 2 members of the poseys.