The birth of American journalism

Today, September 25 is the day the first American newspaper was published in 1690. This was the first and only edition of "Publick Occurences Both Foreign and Domestick" published by Benjamin Harris at the London-Coffee-House in Boston. The paper was four pages with the last left blank for readers' opinions. It contained news as well as exposes, was considered offensive and was shut down.

To read more on the history of American newspapers, check out these new titles from our collection:

William Randolph Hearst: Final Edition, 1911-1951, by Ben H. Proctor. The second and final installment of the biography of this larger than life newspaper magnate.

Infamous Scribblers : The Founding Fathers and the Rowdy Beginnings of American Journalism by Eric Burns. An entertaining history of colonial journalism which was not too different in its tenor than today's.

Black writers/black baseball : an anthology of articles from Black sportswriters Who Covered the Negro Leagues, rev. ed. edited by Jim Reisler. A collection of writings from the first half of the twentieth century.