New Italian fiction for adults at the library

New at all library branches in the foreign language collection, there will soon be a selection of modern Italian popular fiction.

Here are some of the new titles:
"La scoperta dell'alba" by Walter Veltroni
Written by the mayor of Rome, a rising political star often mentioned as a future prime minister, this book is the sotry of Giovanni Astengo, who is in his 40s and works for the State archives where he classifies the lives of people. His career-driven wife and beautiful children aren't enough to heal his wounded heart so he undertakes a search for the father who abandoned him as a child.
"La dama che amò due principi" by Gabriella Magrini
Set in medieval Japan, this is the true story of Izumi Shikibu, an extraordinary beautiful woman poet who lived at the Imperial Japanese Court.
"L'amica americana" by Margherita Oggero
Camilla Baudino, a teacher, would love to buy the house in town with the lovely garden. She meets the owner, an intelligent woman with whom she starts a close friendship.