Foreclosure Assistance


Local, state and federal agencies are providing assistance and information for homeowners having difficulty meeting their mortgage payments or facing foreclosure. Washtenaw County's Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention website gives you the names and phone numbers of the people in the Treasurer's Office that are trained and ready to help. There's plenty of online information at the site too. The state government's Office of Financial Services offers more tips for consumers. The FHA, Federal Housing Administration is launching the "FHASecure" refinancing program effective immediately and expects some 240,000 homewowners to qualify.


That’s good news. However, the federal housing authority is in need of more employees. It appears the FHA does not have enough resources to properly screen lenders. This could create something disastrous in the future. If the FHA can’t tell shady lenders from legitimate ones, we will end up fighting another round with predatory lenders and home foreclosures as a result. How can the FHA repair the mortgage crisis when they are obviously in need of reform? Housing markets, especially in places like California where home values are down, are going to need a huge payday loan, a stronger HUD enforcement, and more FHA appraisers who actually meet the requirements to get the housing crisis under control. You can find out more about what’s going on in the housing market from this article on the payday loan money blog at

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