2nd Annual LEGO Contest Winners!


The 2nd Annual LEGO contest was yet again a blast! We had 110 entries in five categories: Preschool, Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8 and Grades 9-12. Entries ranged from a "Lego Cafe" where you can get ice cream sandwiches, to two fire breathing dragons, to sunken treasure ships and Star Wars episodes with a fan-fiction story to go along... Families and friends packed the room and waited with baited breath for the winners to be announced! And the winners are:

1st Place/Nathan Remillard
2nd Place/Runner-Up/Vishrut Khandelwal
3rd Place/Honorable Mention/Celia Sorenson

Best Architectural/Engineering Project/Dominic Rutkowski; Coolest Robot/Fiona Wait ; Best Vehicle/Maria Karls ; Most Creative/Celia Sorenson; Most Sophisticated/Nathan Remillard; AADL Lego Master Builder/Vishrut Khandelwal

Grades K-2:
1st Place/Mark Bruey
2nd Place/Runner-Up/Alita Boyse-Peacor
3rd Place/Honorable Mention/Eric Xu

Best Architectural/Engineering Project/Sarah Remillard; Coolest Robot/Robert Morton ; Best Vehicle/Jeffrey Brooks-Conrad; Most Creative/Neil Beveridge; Most Sophiticated/Annie Conlin & JD Gardner; AADL Lego Master Builder/Marc Bruey

Grades 3-5:
1st Place/Kevin McGregor
2nd Place/Runner-Up/Sarah Gowell
3rd Place/Honorable Mention/Justin Forester

Best Architectural/Engineering Project/Visnu Kanan; Coolest Robot/Eric Osterwisch ; Best Vehicle/Aaron Crane ; Most Creative/Sarah Adams ;Most Sophisticated/Sarah Gowell; AADL Lego Master Builder/Luke Cheng

Grades 6-8:
1st Place/Carlos Vazquez
2nd Place/Runner-Up/Davey & Nathan Fitch
3rd Place/Honorable Mention/Jacob Saalberg

Best Motorized Project/Evan Heetderks ; Best Architectural/Engineering Project/Elana Nanney; Coolest Robot/Joseph Sorenson; Best Vehicle/Jordan Steiff ; Most Creative/Carlos Vazquez ;Most Sophisticated/Ryan George; AADL Lego Master Builder/Davey & Nathan Fitch

Grades 9-12:
1st Place/James Dunbar
2nd Place/Runner-Up/Victor Vazquez
3rd Place/Honorable Mention/Jake Johengen

Best Architectural/Engineering Project/Victor Vazquez; Best Vehicle/Nickolas Parsons ; Most Creative/Arthur & Christopher Shih; Most Sophisticated/James Dunbar; AADL Lego Master Builder/Vishal Mehta


Here are links to some images taken at the event:
Picture #1
Picture #2
Picture #3
Picture #4
Picture #5
Picture #6
Picture #7
Picture #8
Picture #9
Picture #10


Congratulations to all.


Cool! Are you going to post pictures of the winners?

-Matt, lego enthusiast since forever

Congrats to everyone! I was hoping to enter but found out about this a little late. I'll try to check out the projects.

Hey everyone! I am hoping that some photos from the event will be loaded soon :) -- our staff took some great ones. Check back...

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