Upper Class Recordings

Toronto-based independent music label Upper Class Recordings has had their paws in the T-dot low-fi music scene for the last decade. The small label is home to some stand-out musicians (from CA and USA) worth a listen on this side of the border. What’s interesting is that none of the artists can be filed solely under one category, be it pop, electronic, indie, or hip-hop.

The Russian Futurists is Matthew Adam Heart. His bedroom-pop (yes, that’s a genre!) has been wooing critics and fans for the past ten years. With some skillfully mopetastic song writing and electronic pop fun, Hart allows for some dancing to cure the broken heart blues. Definitely a stand-out artist on the label. Me Myself And Rye is a “best of,” if you’re looking for a taste.

Ever blending rap and electronic, and continually pushing barriers and jumping over them, the robust sounds from Cadence Weapon are severe, in a good way. At the ripe old age of 25, he has worked with some top notch musicians, and has remixed many others. His latest is TRON Legacy: The Mixtape, which is remixing the Disney version featuring Daft Punk, is a download only album where you set the price. He said it was a hoot hanging out with Jeff Bridges and Daft Punk while making it. No doubt!

For more electronic stylings, check out Girls Are Short, The Cansecos, or the DVAs. Girls Are Short are full on energy and fun. “This is how we do it in stereo, we’re from Toronto, Ontario.” Also fun, yet cerebral, The Cansecos tracks are indie-electro with synth beats, vocals, drum machines, and the usual electronic bliss. The DVAs feature electronic-pop with hints of funk, house and soul laid over electronic mixes.

I was pretty much sold on Food For Animals when I read the following: “Surely you’ve considered Aphex Twin and Chuck D teaming up in a studio… well that’s pretty much the explosion you get with Baltimore noise-gangsters Food For Animals.” Intriquing, right?