Final SUMMER GAME SHOP WEEKEND! Last chance to spend your points in 2011!

Just a quick note to remind you that the smash hit SUMMER GAME SHOP closes this Sunday, September 18th at Midnight. Any Summer Game points you have unspent will rollover to your account when Summer Game 2012 gets rolling, but this weekend is your last chance to order from this Summer's Shop!

Also, stay tuned for the appearance of another TREASURE QUEST KEY right here on October 1st!



Awesome! I can't wait for the next Treasure Quest Key!

So sad

Is it guarenteed that there will be another summer game with prizes?

Well, there are no real guarantees, LuckyDuck, but we're certainly planning on it! This Summer Game has been a big hit. It will only grow from here!

It's 10/1! Where could the new key be?

Hey smv, it's up now, I messed up the posting last night. But if you had checked the key gallery, you would have seen it there!

Treasure Quest is awesome!

Wish I had more time so I can apply it to searching, which is a long and tedious process.

Why do people still look at such old things??

I really don't know. I just look at people's comments, and I sometimes reply.

I don't know why I'm doing it...

Whenever I see new comments, I just want to look at them. Sometimes they turn into interesting conversations.

Most times they get off-topic, you mean. :)

it's true, but they are interesting. I think Morgsush is responsible, but as I said/typed, they are interesting. Nothing wrong with this. I will most likely comment on the Boolean key one soon, as I have found the gate item. it was real item, code,fake item,code,code right?

Yep! It was kind of confusing at first for me, but then I understood it.
First there's a Key riddle (which everyone gets to see), which you solve to find the Key/a real item in the AADL catalog. Then you get a gate riddle that leads you to the Gate AKA the fake item. Solving that gives you the treasure riddle, which tells you which cipher to use to encrypt the Gate code with the Key code. (Sorry if that was a little confusing.)

I think my conversations may get a LITTLE off-topic at times.

They get a LITTLE off topic.

Uh-huh. Just a LITTLE (a teensy-eensy-little bit) off topic.

We went from AADL to what kind of books you read to what kind of books you like to read to quadratics, theorems, and geometry(math). I agree, that's ONLY a teensy-eensy-little bit off topic.


The change was infinitesmal (I hope I spelled that right).

It's actually infinitesimal.

Using five-syllable words, nice.

Oh. Whatever. The only thing that matters to me is that I know what it means so... *hit head against wall*

Why did you *hit head against wall*?

Because she didn't know what it meant?

Because I spelled it wrong. *sob*

Don't be so sad, Smiles... *pat pat*

reminds me of a project, where someone did the song "Don't Worry, Be Happy". and rick riodan's Kane chronicles (chapter heading. but with happy to hapi).
for spelling, i think using Google, you can right click the word and it gives different spellings, correct spellings.

Yeah. There's that little squiggly red line...

On my name

On your name?

Why are the badges for the 2011 game still on the badges list for this year's game? Can you still earn them?

Yeah, you can but the points for the codes+badges is only 10% of last years.


strangly, the trophies for commenting, starring etc, still look earnable, but even with my comments, ets, can't earn them.

That's because they were manually given. But I'm pretty sure we'll have more of those this year in the final badge drop!

Will there be one for checking out stuff?

Probably. :)

Yay!!! I have to go to the library soon (even though I have a ton of books checked out).

I can't... :(

You once had over 100 items checked out...
Smiles doesn't know what returning books is... :D

Yes I do. Returning books is when you go to the library, return like, 5 books, and then check out like, 20.

That's what I always do...

Then I end up going to the library returning two to three bags full of books and only checking out half a bag... And my bags are big...

Um. I do the opposite of what you just said...