Final SHOP UPDATE: Restocked Chocolate, Silver Sets, Magic Bags, plus NEW ITEMS!

THIS IS IT! At midnight tonight, scoring for SUMMER GAME 2011 will come to a sudden end, but that doesn't mean we're OUT OF SURPRISES! First, it's the news you've all been waiting for, players; we've just stocked the Summer Game Shop with this summer's final shipment of stuff, including:


Plus, our final 5 new items, leading off with the hotly demanded STANDALONE SILVER STAFF WATER BOTTLE! Yes, after demand that can only be described as INTENSE, we've been able to obtain an additional 20 of these SLICK and SHINY bottles, previously only available to AADL staff on their first day, or as part of that PENULTIMATE SUMMER GAME SILVER SET! But that's not all... we've also got the last 4 of this year's Classic Summer Reading Game Collector's Buttons, including some truly special and unusual items!

REMEMBER, the Summer Game Shop will stay open for orders through Sunday, September 18, so you'll have plenty of time to spend your Summer Game Points. Also, any unspent Summer Game Points in your player account will still be available when next summer's game rolls around!

One more note, we're having a bit of a supply problem with AARFIDS, so some of this week's orders, including a few silver sets, did not go out in this Friday's deliveries. We've got the stock sorted now though, so we should get caught up next week... but please allow 3 - 4 weeks for Magic Bag orders, as we work through the final weeks of shopping!

Finally, don't think we're out of surprises yet; there's some yet to come over the weekend, early next week, and then on the first of every month between now and next summer... what could they be? Stay tuned to to find out!


The good news keeps coming! I LOVE my library!

You said when you first added the silver sets that anyone that received the master set could also get the silver set if there were any left after 8/26, is this still the case?

WOW! Im so happy! Thanks!!!

Also, the people who have ordered the master set can order the Penultimate Set now right?

I hope so!

Yup, go for it guys, open season on the silver sets. Thanks so much for waiting and letting other players have a chance!

Wait, I was just wondering, is the summer game going to return next year?

Thanks for all the fun this summer! We have had a blast in our household!!!!



Oooh more chocolate! So tempting. We already had one and it didn't last long in our house . . . .

My household has five water bottles (including one silver one) at this point, for four people, so although I'm tempted, I think I will let someone else claim them. :)

Almost VICTORY! YAY! Got a silver set before they're all gone. Thing is, can I still enter the code for the set after midnight tonight? Or should I save it and enter it next summer?

Hey smv, all the codes expire at midnight tonight EXCEPT for the codes to unlock badges that come with shop items. So no worries, purchased codes will still be valid through september. Good question!

woo hoo! Thanks for the new stuff!

I am really glad those codes will last!

Yay, I'm glad they got restocked. Can't wait to see what the new suprises are going to be!

I'm super excited to be on play.aadl all year. This is the most I've ever been involved with the library. It's great!

This summer game has been so much fun! Next year we'll know to get in on it sooner! Great job Eli and everyone at AADL!

Hmmmm......I wonder what the surprises are that are to come in the future.

the summer game was a lot of fun....thanks AA library staff.

Good game. I wish this could be all year. Thanks everyone for the support, my mom for the computer time, my brother for tolerance, and Eli for the hints.

Thanks everyone. The summer game has ended.

The summer game is over! :((

Oh look, I'm entering a comment at 12:01, just to prove that I would still enter comments even if they don't earn me any points :^)

ETA: except it was only 11:59 on your computer, so I did get points. But still, my heart was in the right place...

Thanks for playing, everyone. Stay tuned for more fun and surprises!

So sad that this is over. Thanks for everything Eli.

I'm really sad this is over. Our whole family has had so much fun with the Summer Game. I can't wait to see what you are planning next...

I too am sad that this is over. I had a great time with it. Glad they got more magid AADL bags! It was the main thing I've wanted all summer, and I finally got to order one!:) Thanks!

Awesome! AADL restocked everything!

This is so cool

This game was lots of fun. Looking forward to next summer already!

Any chance of telling us some of the answers to the clues to the codes we couldn't solve? I could only find four "Cat Who" books not by Lillian Jackson Braun and it's driving me crazy. :-/

Great job, everyone.

Hey sdunav, both the Great Scott and The Cat Who Somethinged badges relied on trying a phrase search, which is what happens on google or when you put your search in quotes. So, if you searched for "Great Scott" or "The Cat Who", they both got a lot easier as they only returned items that included that exact phrase. For the Cat Who badge, the titles were Cat the Cat: Who is That? Henrietta, the Cat who covered the world, The Cat who Cried for Help, The Cat who went to heaven, and The Cat Who Killed Lillian Jackson Braun. Thanks for playing and stay tuned for big news next week...

Thanks for doing this summer game, me and my family enjoyed attending the events, earning points and buying things online. Could not believe how the summer passed by. We were busy everyday attending all the events. We are going to miss it. Hope you bring back this program again next year. Thanks once again.

what happens when you find all the game codes? any other way to earn points?


I really enjoyed this!


Hey Eli! What do you mean by next week?

Next week being this week, smv! There is a First this week... stay tuned!


I don't believe it! Getting points will be a lot harder now because you can only use codes!

are the Giga Chocolate Logo Victory Packages dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

They're dark chocolate from Shakolad, ljq, thanks for asking!


That is is cool! Lucky Duck have you got the new badges that say you use a certain word a certain amount of times! Can't you believe that it is only worth one point!

Hey, does the chocolate in the silver set have dairy in it? I'd like to see who I can share it with.

Hey smv, it is Dark Chocolate not milk, but you'd need to check with Shakolad about the ingredients to be sure.


Eli, I'm having a very hard problem getting their ingredients off their website. The chocolate does taste like it has milk in it, though.

Yay! I get to buy the chocolate now. :)

In general, many versions of dark chocolate do include dairy (usually as dry milk powder). You have to be pretty careful about voiding dairy. I know this because I spent a month trying to be total vegan. At Whole Foods where I checked, only about 40% of dark chocolate bars/brands met the no-dairy requirement.

Morgsush, why do you like chocolate so much?

Re: Zhengyang1022
Because chocolate is very tasty. :)
Plus, I didn't get it last year so I want it this year.

Really?! I find that hard to believe, if people look at your score for this year. I just had a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. Yum!

I don't believe tomorrow there is going to be the new summer game shop!

I don't believe tomorrow there is going to be the new summer game shop!
edit: sorry, it was duplicated.

Moral: Never press the save button twice.

Good moral. Especially if your computer is slow.

Yes. I learned to never bang on the mouse when the computer is slow (or to bang on the keyboard).

Woah... Someone's violent (the keyboard?)...

Sometimes. I just have to delete a bunch of stuff afterwards. Not a big deal.

But you can't delete your comments.

I delete it from my essay that I was typing.

You're writing an essay?

Sometimes it's an essay. Sometimes, it's an email or something like that (for example a comment).

You write essays during the summer? *amazed*

essays are preferable to projects and presentations


I hate presentations though. People stare at you and it makes me SUPER nervous.

Agreed. I hate talking in front of the class.

I always feel my face heat up, maybe turning red. I have no proof it does, but I still don't like it.

Well, it's not like that with me. I do fine in front of crowds.

lucky you, maybe

Somehow it seems like a lot of Asians do that... Sorry no offense if you are Asian (though you all are...) and that seemed racist. I'm Asian too! XD


she just said she was asian, so yes, she is asian

Yes, I am Asian. And I know that Bookbird, you, mysterio, Smiles, gxl, Rin, tree64, and a-whole bunch-of-people-I'm-not-going-to-name-but-are-on-my-team. I'm totally not a stalker. :D
There's even a team called "Asians from Ann Arbor". I just found out today. :)
I want to join, but I like my team better. :P

How in the world did you know that I was Asian???

I have no idea... Maybe you said if before, or you just struck me as Asian. :P Don't worry, I'm not a stalker...

but you learn a lot from the comments, and from real life, and 'or you just struck me as Asian'

Yeah, you do...

Well, most of the people--if not all--on the Bob Lee team are Asian. On registration, there was this kid who said his last name was Lee (I needed that info cuz it was pictures and the cars thingies are sorted by last name) and then he said his first name was Bob. I had no clue Seventh graders knew about BOB LEE (no offense).