Farewell, Little Caterpillars.

Sad news, everyone. After having completed their cocoons, the Cecropia Moth caterpillars will leave the Traverwood Branch library this Sunday, and return to the grounds of the Leslie Science and Nature Center. They will overwinter in their cocoons nestled safely in a secure outdoor enclosure, and will be released into the wild when they emerge as North America's largest native moths next spring. Thank you to all who visited them, and you still have a few more days if you want to check out the cocoons.


OMG, that is soooo sad! I wish they could stay just a little longer! I loved those little caterpillars and they were soooo cute! Well, good-bye!

You know, I was hoping that they could stay until they were adult moths.I'll try to visit the Leslie Science Center one day.

This is so sad... I wanted to see them again :(

I wanted them to stay until they became moths!

I'm so sad they're leaving Traverwood! But I am very happy that the caterpillars were able to stay with us for so long. It was wonderful seeing the interaction and interest of staff and patrons with the caterpillars and the life cycle of the Cecropia moth. Those critters brought smiles to many!! I loved checking in on the them each day I was at the library.

Thank you to Leslie Science Center and AADL for sharing this experience with us. :D What's next?!

I visited them all the time. So sad.

Aww... I liked those caterpillars...

You can always view them in the Critter House at LSNC - they live on the front porch, and LSNC is just down the road from Traverwood!

Thanks AADL and LSNC for providing us with such a neat opportunity. I agree with the others...go to Leslie (it's FREE) and take a peek at the cocoons on the porch of the Critter House and then go visit the raptors. It's a great place and so close to Traverwood.

We made a special trip to see the cocoons before it was too late, so glad we did. They didn't look the way we imagined. AND summer game players should check it out for a last minute code ;)

We checked on them several times this sumemr and they were fascinating! We'll try to get over there yet this week to see the cocoons. And thanks for the reminder to go check our Leslie Science Center. We've never been - I'll add that to our list for next week (the last week of summer vacation ;-( ).

This is so sad, I was hoping they would stay until they turned into moths. It would be exciting to watch the moths fly around.

Aww, They were so cute. I will miss them

Wait, there's another code, or is it just the 550 point one?

I wish I could see the moths! the cocoons are all fuzy like.

We just visited them again last night. I'm glad we got to see them again before they left. Back when they were caterpillars they were amazing--so colorful.

There were actually four codes for the caterpillars, and you can earn the "I pupated" badge by having all four codes. All four codes had pretty high point values.

Those caterpillars were beautiful. Sad to see them go.


So sad!

They were so beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us!

my kids will miss seeing them

have a safe and snug winter!

I'm so glad I got to see the caterpillars all tucked in their cocoons before they left. The instincts they have to do such great work is AMAZING!

So sad...

wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :( :(

Thank you! We really enjoyed checking out the caterpillars on every library visit.

I loved visiting them everytime I came to the library!

I really enjoyed visiting them as they grew from caterpillars to cocoons. I will miss them. Are they really going to stay in their cocoons till next spring?

We saw the cocoons tonight - they are so much larger than the caterpillars - interesting!

Thanks! It was a nice addition to the library.

Are the caterpillars going back to Traverwood... , like in the spring? And can they go to another library next summer?(because Traverwood is really far from my house so I only got to see them once)

There are no plans yet for next year Zhengyang, but thanks for thinking ahead!

It was great seeing the caterpillars through all their growth!

Goodbye, little caterpillars...

But now they're at Malletts, so be sure to check them out there (and maybe even get a SUMMER GAME CODE?)!

They're just eggs right now Morgsush.

I hope there is another badge (like the one last year about the caterpillars.)

Re: Bookbird
Yeah, but last year they had a code for every time the caterpillars went into another part of their life cycle.

There's a new code (150 points) at Malletts.

Yup, just saw the post. I hope I can go...

I think there's going to be a new code when the eggs hatch.

I can't wait to see the caterpillars again. They were so fat!

Yes they were. :)
But they were still cute.

Sorta cute I guess.

A LOT cute. They looked so fat and squishy. :)

Squishy? You got to touch them?

I said that they LOOKED squishy. Of course I didn't get to touch them!


I doubt the librarians would be very happy if I just reached in and squished the caterpillars...

The librarians would probably be really annoyed....

Yeah, and I might accidentally kill them...

That would be really funny to imagine.
You stick your hand in...
touch the caterpillar...
and then the librarian glares at you....

Do really think I would do that?

Maybe. It would be really bad if you did that since the display is literally right in front of the service desk at Mallets.

Yeah, maybe...
They would probably ban me from the library. The horror! D:

yup. sadly, i didn't get the first codes despite where i live (but you all have probable already read that). frustrating, and i wish they would just keep the old codes up

You can still ask them for the old codes, right?

I'm not sure. When I went the old code wasn't up anymore, so I just asked my friend.
You could TRY asking...

I know someone hinted about being able to ask but I'm not sure who it is...

I think it was vlong? Not very sure...

I asked, but they forgot it.

Yeah, it was vlong.

vlong works at AADL, right?

At Malletts. (A new code came out at Malletts for the caterpillars!)

Really? I will have to visit them soon.

does it sound like plumes?


then I already have it.

I just got it a few days ago.