Whimsy and Wisdom from Wayside School

Picking exactly the right BOCD for a long family car trip can be very important. For a steady stream of witty, engaging stories, try The Wayside School Collection, by Louis Sachar. For newbies, Wayside School was supposed to be 30 classrooms on one level, but accidentally it was built 30 stories high with one classroom on each level. Characters -- both kids and adults -- are engaging, hilarious, and entirely believable (at least to me). The BOCD collection has 7 discs each lasting 77 minutes -- for a total of almost 9 hours of listening. Hit the road, pop in Disc 1, and prepare for happy listening!



My sister read the book.


Wayside school is so great! I'm glad to know there's a BOCD of it.

sounds funny!

My son loved "Holes" - I'm sure he'll be interested in checking out the Wayside School books as well.

i love wayside school!

I absolutely love these stories.


I remember I used to love the Wayside School books. Our school librarian introduced them to our class. They are hilarious, and you should read them!


These were by far some of my favorite books as a kid. I read them over and over until they fell apart. I can still remember some of the ridiculous stories!

I love wayside school!!!

Thanks for this blog! I grew up reading this series...they are so funny and perfect for kids. I'd be interested in going back and checking them out now that I'm an adult :)





I remember reading the Wayside School stories when I was little!

Yes and the BOCD even is read by the author!

funny books :)

Wayside books were one of my favorite things growing up. I checked out the set and my kids are loving it, while I get to remember the jokes I'd forgotten.