Juggler Jason Kollum at AADL!

It's going to be a very exciting week in Ann Arbor. Along with the Art Fair there are always many interesting activities. We're going to provide you with one of them. On Tuesday, July 19 Juggler Jason Kollum will be coming from Chicago to the Library for two shows. At 2:00 p.m. he'll be performing at the Pittsfield Branch. At 7:00 p.m. he'll be at the Downtown Library.

These shows will be fun to watch!!

To learn how to juggle yourself, click here.


This is really cool!!


This looks like fun - definitely coming with my kids.

this looks cool!

Will Mr. Kollum at any time during his act be in violation of the rule banning weapons from the library? ;)


Can't wait to see this.


Why is this listed as an adult/teen event? Is it okay for kids?

I apologize, I must have been looking at the event underneath this. It is actually listed for all ages and kids.

Looking forward to it.

AWESOME!!! I want to go! I've always wanted to learn to juggle. Tried a few times, but I always fail. I'll look over some of those books on how to juggle.

I've always wished I could juggle, and love watching those who can. Maybe I'll be able to come and watch :)


We are looking forward to this!

Sounds fun. I'm still a big fan of Josh Casey though. Bring him back soon, please!

Sounds really fun! Unfortunately, I can't go....

i can actually juggle!....kinda....

i can actually juggle!....kinda....

This is really neat. I might bring my son along to see!

Cool! I have tried juggling but I hardly juggle 2 things.


I cant wait


look forward to it!!!

Definitely bringing the kids to this, sounds great!


tried many times but just can't seem to get it down.

I like Juggling

Can't wait! Thanks AADL.

This sounds really fun!

this is great

this is awesome

this is fantastic

This is excellent

This is radicle

This is the best

great, looking forward to the art fair.

sounds like fun!

I wish I knew how to juggle :) This looks like a really cool event!

I know how to juggle balloons! Except I don't have them anymore.........



I really would like to know how to juggle.



im going

I wish I could go. I need to get better at joggling though.

I'd love to learn how to juggle!


I wish I could juggle, I bet my son would love this.

The show was so amazing!!!

Jason was such an imaginative and engaging performer. My boys and I were delighted with the whole show. His tricks, audience participation and experimentation were inspirational. Thanks so much for inviting him to Ann Arbor!

He was great! My kids especially enjoyed the time to practice with the peacock feathers at the end of the show!

I wish I could come. It sounds fun anyway!

how do people learn how to joggle I would hurt my self.

Looks fun!

I have always wanted to juggle

I am sorry we missed this

juggling's hard

Only now do I find that this was a month ago. I should be looking for events more.

I wish I could've gone...

My dad knows how to juggle, but probably not as good as this guy.

This guy was fun. My wiggly two year-old even liked him.