Check Out Some of Our New Youth DVDs!

Come take a peak at the some of the new and interesting Youth DVDs at the AADL! We are always getting fun and exciting movies for you and your family to check out. We have the new Sesame Street DVD, Sesame Street. Elmo's Travel Songs and Games, which would be great to watch with your kids before taking your summer vacation this year! We also have other Sesame Street DVDs like, Sesame Street. Elmo's Rainbow And Other Springtime Stories, Elmo's World. People In Your Neighborhood, Sesame Street. Silly Storytime, and Sesame Street. Bedtime With Elmo! Which one(s) will your family be checking out?


I just checked out a few Elmo DVDs - my daughter loves Elmo. We also picked up a Dan Zanes DVD (I love his kids' music) and a Winnie the Pooh movie. If we've got Elmo and Pooh in our house, we're covered!

We'll be getting a lot of these this summer. Nice selection.


good for those little kids.