The Medieval World

Mandylion of EdessaMandylion of Edessa

Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics and Devotion in Medieval Europe is a new British Museum exhibit that runs through Oct. 9th. It is a collection of incredible objects, many rarely on public view, from the Vatican, British Museum, European churches and museums.

The practice of using devotional objects or relics purportedly from saints for worship became popular during the Middle Ages. Fragments of the True Cross, the St Baudime Reliquary and the Mandylion of Edessa are just a few of the opulent treasures that will be on display.

To celebrate the opening a list was created to highlight related items in the library's catalog. Take a look and enjoy this fascinating time: The Medieval World!


Sounds cool!

That cools really cool and that I think the program the aadl set up is really great.

The Medieval World sounds really cool!

I just hope we can get a Renaissance World too!

Sounds awesome.

Always a fan of history. :)

seems awesome!

I am totally fascinated by anything Medieval!

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It sounds really cool.