LISTEN!! Digital Music News: Punk Anarchy, Seductive Jazz, Tropical Electro Hop, Pagan Rituals, and Rockabilly

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Urban Response: Funky Urban Tropical Electro Hop from Brazil
Urban Response was formed in 2009 by Irish producer Elektrodouche and Brazilian lyricist MC Quilombola. Their first EP, A Origem da Natureza Urbana, is a true melting pot of their diverse influences - a mix of classic hip-hop, dub, funk, electro, urban, trip-hop and ragga, along with a handful of collaborations from Ireland, Spain and Nigeria. The result of their musical journey together is a modern union of different nationalities, colors, flavors, sounds, places and styles. Music knows no boundaries.

Robin Stine: Jazzy, bluesy numbers that sound like comfortable standards
Robin Stine's music seduces with a whiff of subtle perfume and a casual graze of her hand as she walks past, leaving the listener powerless to do anything but follow. As a singer, her voice floats on the stylish edge of contemporary cool-light, but never lightweight. Daydream, her debut album, is a sleek collection of a dozen original jazzy, bluesy numbers that immediately sound like comfortable standards. Her enviably experienced crew includes pianist Warren Bernhardt (Steps Ahead, Jack DeJohnette, Gerry Mulligan), drummer Gary Burke (Joe Jackson, Bob Dylan), trumpeter Steven Bernstein (Roswell Rudd, Medeski Martin & Wood, Don Byron), and her fellow Kansas City native, guitarist Steve Cardenas (Norah Jones, Madeleine Peyroux, Paul Motian, Mark Isham).

Louis Lingg and the Bombs: Punk Rock to blow your head off
Wave the black flags, get out your molotov cocktails, don your ski masks and hit the streets with Louis Lingg and the Bombs. Named after a famous Chicago anarchist, their sound is a mix of ultra-political anarchic punk rock and fizzing children's nursery rhyme riot-pop. Their latest album, Light Lullabies for Skinny Monkeys, was recorded in a bedroom in Paris, France. These are nasal sounding DIY punk songs sung with energy and humor. There is a wild and all encompassing party contained on this album, all you have to do is press play.

Skarazula: Medieval European, Turkish and Arabic music
Ostara, Skarazula's first album, is an homage to the pagan spring equinox festivities of ancient times. The name comes from the Teutonic spring goddess "Eastre", that later became Easter in English. Skarazula's second album, Litha, continues the pagan rituals theme with the summer solstice festival in the Saxon culture. Litha includes songs from many parts of the ancient world: a troubadour's pastourelle, a sephardic love song, a Cantiga de Santa Maria, Turkish, Breton and Italian music. Take a trip around the world with the three minstrels of Skarazula and enjoy both original and traditional pieces. All of their music is played on instruments built by Skarazula's members, giving them a completely unique sound.

Ninety Pounds of Ugly: Country, Rockabilly, Western Swing and Lounge
“Country malcontents Ninety Pounds Of Ugly are hung up on the heart, cracking wise, burning bridges and losing control, all with the brazen, belittling charm of a jaded barfly's liquored up loose tongue, on Richmond Motel Room #3. The rockabilly thump of Out of Your League struts like the sequel to Loretta Lynn's You Ain't Woman Enough, while Tain't One, Tain't the Other is the best Dolly song you've never heard." (Steve Baylin - Ottawa Xpress)



That description of Urban Response made me download it immediately. I didn't even preview. "Jungle Bird" was the first song I listened to. It didn't disappoint.

Awesome music.



I'll have a lot to listen to!