Pizza Party and Book Swap!

Pizza Party and Book Swap!Pizza Party and Book Swap!

The 2010 Summer Reading Game is about halfway through. Do you need something new and exciting to read to finish up? Come to the Pittsfield Branch on Tuesday, July 20th at noon for a Pizza Party and Book Swap. Bring a gently used book of your own that you are willing to give away and you can swap with someone who has a title that you might want to read. And while all this trading is going on . . . everyone can have pizza for lunch! This is for children preschool age up through 5th grade.

For a good recommended summer reading list, click here.


do adult events like this ever happen?

Yes where is this event for adults, and college age? Are you guys discriminating or what?

What a great idea! My daughter is looking forward to this event!

It sounds like so much fun! I wish I had known about it when it happened!