Solar Eclipse Viewing Party!

Monday August 21, 2017: 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm -- Downtown Library: outside front entrance (Fifth Avenue & Library Lane)

This event is intended for all ages

On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun!

Join us outside the Downtown Library (Fifth Avenue & Library Lane) to view this spectacular celestial event! Viewing glasses will be provided.


Though Ann Arbor isn't in the path of totality (where the moon will completely cover the sun), we'll still be able to see a partial solar eclipse (where the moon covers part of the sun's disk). The partial eclipse begins in Ann Arbor at 1:02 pm, with 80% maximum coverage at 2:26 pm.

NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador to Ann Arbor, Jennifer German, will be here to answer your eclipse (and space) questions. Help us spread the word — visit theSolar System Ambassador's Facebook event page. #Eclipse2017

In the event of rain or cloud cover, the party will be moved inside to the Multi-Purpose Room in the lower level of the Downtown Library. We'll watch the NASA live stream from the path of totality on AADL's big screen.




I'm excited too! Should be

I'm excited too! Should be fun!


I'm glad the library is having an eclipse event!

Similar event at other branches?

Would it be at all possible to have similar events at the other branches?

This event will only be held

This event will only be held at the downtown library; we're closing library lane outside the library! The parking structure will still be accessible. Hope to see you there!

Glasses for everyone?

Will viewing glasses be provided for all that attend?


It's very cool that the aadl is doing this. It will be an exciting event. I'll bring my own glasses just in case.

Very cool!

Very cool!

I've never personally viewed

I've never personally viewed any sort of an eclipse before -- this sounds so incredibly awesome!!

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This is a great idea. Its such a neat idea

Any good hints about where to

Any good hints about where to pick up eye protection? My son is 2, and I'm wondering if it's safer to sit this one out.

This will be a real treat!

I think the downtown library will provide glasses. I also have had friends who have purchased a pair for $2 @ Lowes.

Great Event

What a wonderful event!! It is so great that you will have an expert there for us to answer questions! I love AADL!!

sounds fun, maybe i'll check

sounds fun, maybe i'll check it out.



I remember from the last eclipse - even if you don't look up you'll see cool shadow effects from the eclipse. Hope it's not a cloudy day!



Thanks for doing this AADL

Thanks for doing this AADL

Thanks for hosting this event!

Now I have to be creative and come up with an excuse to call in sick to work...

Only one more week until this

Only one more week until this fantastic event -- I simply can't wait!!

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Sounds like fun

Do we need to make

Do we need to make reservation? Will every body get one viewing glasses or it's a shared glasses?

Be part of the viewing party

I supply to attend the viewing party.


Even without being in the total eclipse path, this should still be pretty cool. Providing viewing glasses is really generous.


I'm totes gonna be there!
Thanks for the glasses!


It will be so cool!

Wish I could attend

I'll be working but have glasses and plan to take my (late) lunch to view the eclipse. Wish I could join the party at the AADL with the expert. Have fun!
LINE 393


Thanks so much for providing safe viewing glasses!


It's going to be fun to watch it!

Hi there! There's no need to

Hi there! There's no need to register for this or any of our events- just show up and enjoy! We will have glasses that day.

are glasses stamped ISO 12312-2:2015 ???

are glasses stamped ISO 12312-2:2015 ???

Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses

The glasses provided by AADL do conform to the ISO standards and are from a vendor that is confirmed to be reputable by the American Astronomical Society — American Paper Optics. We do have a limited number and hope to have enough for everyone who attends, but it is possible that some people will have to share. Another way to safely view the eclipse is with a pinhole projector that you can easily make by poking a small hole in a piece of paper or cardstock (or by putting your fingers together to create a small hole for light to get through). Once you've got your piece of paper with a pinhole, hold it up and let the sunlight shine through it. Then, using a second piece of paper (or the ground) as a screen, you’ll be able to see an image of the partially obscured Sun projected. Just remember that it's the projected image you are viewing while looking away from the Sun. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN WITH THE PINHOLE PROJECTOR.

AADL Staff

rare chance to view the solar

rare chance to view the solar eclipse. I will be there

so excited

can't wait

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Great that they will provide eyewear!

I'll have to show up right at

I'll have to show up right at the beginning of this spectacular event to make sure that I get eyewear!! Speaking of which, how is the fit for the special glasses for fitting over regular eyeglasses?

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The moon makes a shadow. Big deal.

Well, it kind of is! I hope to see all my science peeps and the general public out enjoying the event, safely.


I can't wait to see another eclipse- the second one I can recall during my lifetime. I'm hoping this event will be drop-in friendly, as I'll be heading over during my lunch break! Thanks for hosting and for providing glasses, too!

Eclipse viewing

Im soooo looking forward to this library event.


Why wouldn't any kid go? Feel so bad for adults cuz some will be at work


yeah! awesome

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This sounds like so much fun. What a great event.

Eclipse party

Is this significant for registering?

There's no registration

There's no registration necessary -- we're just supposed to show up!!

Anyone/everyone!!! Please feel free to add me as a friend -- my friend code is: SWEET646

I wish we could attend. Does

I wish we could attend. Does anyone know where we can get viewing glasses besides the library?

Thanks AADL!

Can't wait to be there and see the disappearing light with my fellow library peeps!


can't wait

Sounds great!

Sounds great!


I love these kind of events!!! I am planning to go

How many people are you

How many people are you expecting to show up for this fantastic event? And how many viewing glasses will you have available, please?

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Should be great

Leave it to aadl

Eclipse of the sun

I will certainly join the group at the downtown AADL to see the eclipse. Can't wait!


super cool


I am so geeked for the eclipse! And excited for AADL's viewing party! Thanks AADL!

So incredibly cool!

I'm really looking forward to this eclipse, and the party will be neat!

Will there be a line?

Will there be a line to get the viewing glasses? We're wondering how far in advance to arrive.


Yes, it will be provided

One other question -- what

One other question -- what are we going to do about this party if it's raining when the eclipse occurs? (Oh, the horror!!)

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Does anyone know when another

Does anyone know when another total solar eclipse will be fully visible again here in Michigan? I wonder if it will happen in my lifetime...? (I'm so incredibly bummed out that we won't be able to enjoy the *full* effect of tomorrow's eclipse in Ann Arbor...)

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I'm glad you are hosting this event. I plan to bring my two kids. I'd like to suggest a live stream from NASA in the multi-purpose room regardless of weather. Some people may want to watch it that way if it's easier to view what is happening. It will also be the total eclipse they show, while we in Ann Arbor only have partial eclipse.

about the special glasses for the solar Eclipse

Hi, I want to bring my daughter to downtown library to watch the solar Eclipse today at noon. I am wondering can we get free glasses to watch it? is it safe to watch for the kids?

Thank you!

Will there be a summer game

Will there be a summer game code?

I will be there.

Hope there is parking.

getting closer

I cant wait to attend this event today.

Very disappointed! I wish

Very disappointed!

I wish AADL handled the viewer distribution MUCH BETTER!

I'm okay if I were in a line and didn't get the viewer because people in front of me get into the line first, and the number of the viewer is limited. Sadly, what AADL did this afternoon was to encourage people to fight" in a crowd for a viewer.
REALLY, no beauty and safety in distribution.

this was very cool - I wish

this was very cool - I wish it had been easier to hear Jennifer, or that she'd had more assistants. :)

It was so crowdedness!

Next time have a viewing at every branch? 2024


the eclipse was so cool and it got darker. the only thing was that we didn't get eclipse glasses all around.


It's great event!

Thank you!

Thank you to all the library staff and volunteers who worked so hard on this event! I had a great time, and was grateful for the kindness of strangers to share their glasses with me.


People behind me were rude when they started passes sunglasses they hit my mom who is a handicap and they cut my sunglasses. Next time ask ppl to register online and get free ticket then each one will present his or her ticket and get the sunglasses other than fight and kick each other.

This was lots of fun. What a

This was lots of fun. What a crowd! Exciting!

I was very, very, VERY

I was very, very, VERY disappointed by the way the eclipse viewing glasses were distributed. I mean, honestly -- people were pushing, shoving, and squishing me while I was attempting to get a pair of the glasses!! I was right up front, next to the gentleman who was handing them out, but I still wasn't able to secure a pair. Then when I tried to get out of the huge, smothering crowd once the glasses were all given out, nobody wanted to let me through even though I very loudly kept saying, "Excuse me, please!!"

The incredible rudeness and disregard by the other patrons ruined the whole experience for me, so I simply went home immediately after *finally* working my way out of the swarm of people who didn't want to allow me to leave!!!

What a letdown the event turned out to be, I'm sorry to say...

solar eclipse

I would like to send out a huge thank you to the patrons and staff at the Mallets Creek branch today who shared their glasses and homemade eclipse boxes. Thank you so much sharing with us.
I was a little bummed that all of the branches didn't get to do something for the eclipse.


looked like a moon

Great Event!

Great Event!

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who came out for the event and stayed to the maximum eclipse! The number of you all was overwhelming - but getting to speak with many of you individually, and seeing some people share their eclipse glasses so that all could enjoy, was wonderful. Had I known I wasn't being heard by some of the crowd, I would have repeated my announcements more often! Maybe had them turn the speaker between each announcement. Yesterday was a good learning experience for me.

April 2024 is less than 7 years away. Hopefully the AADL will host another viewing event then!

Remember, the eclipse glasses from this year will NOT still be safe in 2024. They are only good for about 3 years.

-Jennifer German
Solar System Ambassador

thanks for the reminder about

thanks for the reminder about how long the eclipse glasses will last!

I didn't know that the

I didn't know that the eclipse glasses had an expiration date!! Why are they only good for about 3 years?

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See you in 7 years

Can't wait


Loool you just try to post your code

It was overwhelming, all the

Indeed, it was very overwhelming, all the people who showed up. It's great that so many people were excited about the eclipse, but was a bit intense for me. I wish that I would've felt comfortable staying for much longer, but after the incidents that occurred with the crazy, rude, extremely pushy people while attempting to obtain some eclipse glasses, I simply had to get away from the immense crowd... :-(

I'll have to get some eclipse glasses on my own for the next solar eclipse!!

I'd really like to know more

I'd really like to know more about the next eclipse in 7 years, please. Are we going to be able to experience it here in Ann Arbor with the same visibility as yesterday? And if so, how much will we be able to see the next time around?

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April 8, 2024 Eclipse

For the April 8, 2024 eclipse, Ann Arbor will reach 98% of Sun coverage. So it will be an even deeper solar eclipse that this past Monday, for those here in Ann Arbor!

The path of totality for the 2024 eclipse will run through Toledo. Toledo, OH, will get 1 min and 45 seconds of a total eclipsed Sun!

-Jennifer German

Jennifer, that's awesome!!

Jennifer, that's awesome!! Thanks so much for the great news. :-)

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Jennifer -- can you please

Sorry to bother you again, Jennifer -- but can you please tell me why eclipse glasses are only good for 3 years? I simply don't get it... Thanks again!

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So sad I missed it, looks

So sad I missed it, looks like it was a ton of fun!

In 7 years I'm really

In 7 years I'm really looking forward to the next eclipse... I might even hop down to Toledo to view it, since they'll have 100% totality there (but we'll be at 98% here, which is more than the 80% one we just had!!).

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This event at every library in 2024!!