We Wuz Robbed!!


Galarraga DID pitch a PERFECT game. Even umpire Jim (insert nickname here) Joyce admits he made one of the WORST calls in MLB history. Video clearly shows Galarraga had Donald out at first. In the 135-year history of MLB only two perfect games have been thrown in the same season, 1880. In 2010, there were three.


While it hurts especially badly at this moment, one of the things I enjoy most about baseball is that the pastoral quality remains - no coaches throwing flags on the field, no lasers telling us if the ball was fair or foul. Umps make errors the same way players do, and that's part of what baseball players sign up for. The most impressive display from that game? Galarraga's truly professional sportsmanship. One might even say perfect.

Sadly, it looks like MLB might actually use this as a reasoning to introduce instant replay (read: more opportunity for commercials and sponsored technology).