Happy Birthday Bono!

Today is the birthday of Paul David Hewson, better known as U2's Bono. Bono is also well known for his humanitarian work, which has spanned causes from world hunger to AIDS to internet access (along with many others).

In honor of Bono's birthday, I have put together a small and hopefully helpful list of items for those of us who would prefer to avoid U2, Bono, and those annoying sunglasses.

If you're looking for something slightly less repetitive than U2, the AADL has a cd of just footstep noises! Actually, we have TWO! They're part of the BBC Sound Effects Library, of which the AADL has about 45 discs. Two of those are just livestock noises, another album I'd be happy to listen to before U2!

Afraid Bono might sneak up on you and try to get you to celebrate with him today? Look to James Watson (of Watson and Crick, describers of the structure of DNA) and his Avoid Boring People and other lessons from a life in science. Library Journal calls it "surprisingly wry, witty, and instructional."

But what if Bono catches you off guard? Hand him our copy of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Songwriting. For the price of free (assuming Bono returns it!), this is an investment you shouldn't pass up.

Finally, if you just can't escape the persistent sounds of Bono echoing through the streets and alleyways of your neighborhood, you may need Neighbor Law: Fences, Trees, Boundaries & Noise to help you understand your rights. What rights do you have to insist that your neighbor turn down the stereo? Can exposure to Bono be considered a danger to children? Who pays to repair your fence if your neighbor's copy of The Joshua Tree falls on it? If you have questions like these, this book may help!BonoBono


Since Bono has no effect on my life whatsoever, I could live with or without him. Oh!

Why all the Bono hatred?

What a snarky blog!

Well done Casual Tim.


Why so much hating on Bono, Tim?
Feeling a little inadequate by comparison?
Are you also height-challenged lol but wondering how *he* managed to overcome while leaving *you* to write snarky commentary that does no good for anybody but boring misanthropes?!
Oh well, to each his own...an idea that might be inspiring to you at this time of Bono's birthday.
I can see how someone who sells out arenas and writes fantastic (according to, um, *some*, of course, merely, um *some*) inspiring songs, and also tries to call attention to issues like how the continent of Africa suffers stupidly while we do little about it, and who still plays the rock star (with a bit of irony that apparently only *some* can appreciate!) would cause you to moan and turn on your footstep sounds. Or did you choose the livestock album, nudge nudge?!
Piggies and sheep don't wear sunglasses, better company for ya then ;-)

u2 is great!

happy bday