The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

If you enjoy Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz, you should check out this incredibly well done graphic novel version.

This book’s writer Eric Shanower is an Eisner Award-winning artist. As a child he adored The Wizard of Oz so much that he constructed Oz pop-ups, created plays for the neighborhood children, and joined the International Wizard of Oz club. As a child the only thing he loved as much as the Wizard of Oz was comic books. This graphic novel represents the combination of his two life-long loves.

Scottie Young illustrated the book and his illustrations are entrancing. The depictions of all the main characters, the Wizard’s hot air balloon, and the Emerald City are wonderfully unique. Some illustrations, such as Dorothy standing in the field in Kansas, are simply beautiful.

This book is a compilation of Marvel’s 8-part comic book series. Young and Shanower are currently working on the Marvelous Land of Oz, another 8-part series being published by Marvel.


i love this book

love it