Judith Rossner, 1935-2005

Judith Rossner, author of Looking for Mr. Goodbar, died today in New York City.

Ms. Rossner faced head-on, women on the edge. A married woman carries another man's child in her first novel, To the Precipice. She later proved that there is life after forty in August (1983).

But it was in her signature novel, Looking for Mr. Goodbar, that Rossner captured the frenetic loneliness of single urban women in the 1970s that defined her literary career.

Based on the true stoy of Roseann Quinn, a New York City teacher murdered by a man she had picked up in a bar, Looking for Mr. Goodbar riveted the literary world. Diane Keaton and Richard Gere starred in the movie adaptation, which was nominated for four Oscars.

Ms. Rossner was 70.


I noticed Looking For Mr. Goodbar isn't available on DVD yet. Wonder why? Richard Brooks has a pretty good track record for bringing gritty subject matter to the screen: In Cold Blood, Elmer Gantry, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Blackboard Jungle....

I enjoyed Mr. Goodbar but had a hard time getting to any of her other titles. I wonder why? Any thoughts on that?


Were the links not working or were did you mean you didn't enjoy the other novels?

If it's the former, let me know which ones are working -- I didn't have trouble with the links so it might be a question for our techie crew.

If it's the latter, it could be that she deliberately chose exceedingly uncomfortable topics as the basis for her novels (incestuous, married conjoined twins, life after 40 for women decades ago when we were all taught that 30 and older wasn't interesting).

It was my mistaken - I meant to say I could not get into her other novels, especially with His Little Women. But I think you are right about the uncomfortable topics. I might try reading another one sometime. Thanks.