A Long Way Down

Just finished Nick Hornby’s latest – A Long Way Down . It’s a bit darker than About a Boy and High Fidelity, but no less engaging. That wicked sense of humor is there though you might not expect it since the plot centered around four desperate would-be jumpers who met on New Year’s Eve atop one of London’s tallest buildings.
Narrated in alternate chapters by each of these miserable souls, they recounted what led them to this fateful meeting and also subsequent events that coalesced them into some kind of surrogate family.

Starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and Booklist. Critic’s Choice in People Weekly. Film rights to Johnny Depp.

I am thinking Jude Law to play bad-boy Martin Sharp; definitely Toni Collette as at-the-end-of-her-rope single Mom Maureen; Evan Rachel Wood as the vulnerable, potty-mouthed Jess; and we MUST have hunky Ewan for the washed-up rocker – besides, he already knows how to ride a bike. What do you think?


Hm, haven't we seen enough of bad-boy Jude Law lately? Between the tabloids and about seven movies last year, I'm ready for a break! (But Ewan as the washed-up rocker works. ;-)

It was precisely the tabloids that gave me the idea - who else better to play the part of a sleazy newscaster who got sent to jail for seducing a 15 yr.-old? Now, maybe Johnny Depp is planning to cast himself in the role, who knows? But I think that would work too.