In the Shadow of the Law, by Kermit Roosevelt III

Not since Scott Turow’s break-away 1987 best seller, Presumed Innocent, has there been quite this much buzz for a new legal thriller author. Kermit Roosevelt III, blue-blooded great-great grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt, sure knows from whence he writes. A former law clerk for Supreme Court Justice David Souter, Roosevelt has penned a riveting page turner with The Law starring front and center. At the heart of this first novel are two lawyers in one of Washington’s toniest, most cut throat K Street law firms. Rumpled sleepy Mark Clayton is doing pro bono work for a death penalty case while his much more cut-throat colleague, Walker Eliot, works a defense for a Texas chemical plant, site of a deadly explosion that killed dozens of low-wage employees.

Roosevelt, assistant professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and the recipient of a flood of rave reviews, will be interviewed on the Diane Rehm Show on Tuesday, August 9, 2005.