Tournament Weekend: Monkey Ball, DDR, and the Grand Championships!

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This weekend, we'll have three videogame tournaments at the Downtown Library, with something for everyone, including food and prizes. First, we'll have an All-Ages Super Monkey Ball Tournament, Friday Night, 12/15, from 6-8:30 PM. Come play Super Monkey Ball, Monkey Target, Monkey Bowling, Monkey Dogfight, and even try your hand at Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz on the one and only Nintendo Wii! Read on for full details about the Monkey Ball event.

Then, on Saturday, 12/16, it's the biggest gaming event in town; the 2006 AADL-GT Super Smash Double Dash Grand Championships! The event starts at noon, with the Clan Cup for the top 8 clans from the regular season. Then we'll have the Wildcard Tournament for players in grades 6-12 who are new or didn't finish the season in the top 64. 8 wildcards will join the top players in the Grand Championship itself, with First Prize: a Nintendo Wii, Second Prize: a 2gb iPod Nano, and Third Prize: A Nintendo DS! It all comes down to this, have you got what it takes? This event will be broadcast live on CTN Channel 18, so a signed release form is required. Preregister before you come, and you can use self checkin and skip the line!

Finally, we'll wrap up the weekend with an All-Ages Dance Dance Revolution Tournament, Sunday, 12/17, from 1-4 PM. Prizes for the two best standard/heavy players, and for the best adult/child team! All events in the Multipurpose Room at the Downtown Library. Plus, stay tuned for Pokémon and DS Fest events during Winter Break!

OK, if you've got questions about the structure or schedule of the 2006 Grand Championships, they may be answered in this thread, and I'll still be answering questions there.

The Monkey Ball Event will have each player compete in each of 6 game modes:

Super Monkey Ball Main Game, Beginner Stages, 3 Lives
Super Monkey Ball 2 Main Game, Beginner Stages, 3 Lives
Monkey Target 2, 2 Monkey Balls, 6 Rounds, Items On
Monkey Dogfight, 3 minute Round
Monkey Bowling Normal, 10 Frames
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz: Alien Spaceship Landing, 3 attempts.

We'll take your score from each of those 6 games and total it up. After everyone has had a chance to play all 6 games, we'll take the highest total scorers and they will face off in a series of elimination rounds including monkey fight, monkey race, and monkey target. It will be monkeytastic. First place wins a $20 gamestop giftcard, Second place wins $10, and third place gets a Tshirt.

DDR will be our usual 2-dance qualifiers and top players moving on to elimination as time allows. First prize: $30 to gamestop, Second prize: $20 to gamestop, Adult/Child prize: $10 to target.

Any other questions? Let's hear it!


ZOMG, first comment'D!!
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Wait a tick, aren't we still doing the thing where people can pick which prize they want? Cause I know that if I finished second (and somebody already took the Wii), that I'd want a DS rather than an iPod Nano.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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Yup, we're still doing that, I just didn't want to waste space on it.

Thank goodness I don't want any ducking at the tournament.

the last thread had about 38 posts a day! For tiebreakers will you do kart or melee or an netrual game?

um, 6th post yay! i want roysters 2 come b next year so we can have pwnerer in our clan...
if john and derek leave, its obviously not gona b bros and co tho
can we have melee freeplay at monkeyball tourney? or shd we just come at 11 or wenever doors open sat? sory if sum1 already answered this
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hey, whatever happened to that indian clan idea...?

Mdidget how many tourneys have u come too?

uh preseason and a few 13+ melee tournies

how did jeaha and evil enforcer qualify

most likely placing in an event. 3 days from now the season will be over!


On saturday, we have a huge meet against Pioneer and Brother Rice
Darn, I would like to pwn everyone at Monkeyball with my "1337 Wiimote skillz", but I have social obligations i.e. party to attend to...

lol an indian clan wud def win this thing
do we even have 6 indians tho?
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lol youre gonna get owned by pio

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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Uhh we got Doomblaze and Me

we could paint someone brown


um i know this is kind of a stupid question but if i get to the monkeyball tourny at like 7:15 can i still compete

That's not stupid, the answer is yes. Because we're doing rotations and not bracketed qualifiers, late entry is no problem. See you there.

Swain212, I can't say for sure because I don't know how many wildcards to expect. I think we should be rolling with the Grand Championship event between 2 and 3. Does that help?

Eli does the wii come with any games and will all regular course and item bans apply. Also will you mess with the item settings for mariokart i.e. frantic or basic

i wud assume the items wud b set 2 basic, just cuz wit 4 people and item at frantic iv gotten star in second and triple shrooms in first b4 which sorta defeats the "worse place better item" idea
insta-tie breaker 1 lap baby park!
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Tie breakers for Mario Kart are always Baby Park, guys.

And every Wii console that has been released so far comes with Wii Sports, so I'm assuming this one will too. And also, you can play all of your Gamecube games on the Wii using a Gamecube controller, so don't sell any of you games or controllers if you win it, just sell the system. At least, that's what I would do.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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eli, first thanks for answering my question i should be able to make it and second a space somehow got added to my name so if you could change that it would be nice it just doesnt look as good

im gonna go camp for a wii at target on sunday morning if i dont win one, anyone wanna come with me? they are supposed to have 10-50, go to, they have this really sweet store tracker thing that lists all the restock times for every store

Im not sure, I will probabally be able to get there earliest at like 3:30 or mabye later. Is there anyway I could call the library to say when I might get there at like 12? I dont know if there is a way for me to enter into the last races or battles to allow more time.

what time is your meet?

starts at 12

If you don't get here in time for the start of the Grand Championships, like, the very first match, it's too late for you to get into the Grands at all, because then we will have to remake the brackets for the Grands. If you can manage to get there at some time before the Grands actually start, I'm sure Eli and the crew would love to have you, but they won't restart the tournament for anybody.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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Eli, you mentioned that the event might be in the paper. Do you know, which day it will be published?


It was mentioned in the 'Talk about town' column on the front page of the connections section last wednesday (12/6).

why didnt you tell us? because i dont normally read the connection section. could u find a copy onime?
With two members (swain212 and JuggleGuy) absent, there is almost no hope for us!!!!

nice matt, i told you you screwed us, anyway, ive already got the subs set, but they arent anywhere close to being as good as mike s. and juggleguy

so our subs are aikem and someone else (probably his brother), so yeah, we are screwed, cause they suck, SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE OUR SUB!! (swordmaster? hm?, sub for WAH not ICC cause we already have a 2 round bye, SUB FOR WAH!!!!)

"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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ICAC asked me first, so i am obliged to sub for them. That is if they still want me to, i haven't had real confirmation that they would actually need me as a sub. If they dont need me then id sub for WAH. Soooo limabean or pwnerer, in still needing me as a sub, yes or no???

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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well, I guess I royally jinxed our clan...anyone want to be in my new clan next year?

chubbles/phonerer/bigtummy could maybe

the monkey ball tourny only had eight people, dale w won and mike s got second


8! wow the reason i didnt go is because i knew i didnt stand a chance wow thats not many got job Dale and Mike though

13 hours till the climax of the season!

make that 5 hours.

everybody thats good get there at 11

i hate to say this but... BROS AND HOES MIGHT WIN!!!!!!!!!

I'm not sure if this is true, but The Vaccinated Monks will need a sub. Preferably someone good...
Oh and btw, today is the 3000 day that FF7 has been on the Gamefaqs' Top 50 board.

"OOOOO, Happy Cheese!"-Kevin S.
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thats amazing! gamefaqs top 50 would be number of games sold. that game has had to been out for over 8 years. Best of luck to everyone and see you guys in about 1 and a half
1 and a half hours? My clock reads 1 hour 40 min...

im leaving now

this is doomblaze
bros and hoes wont win
since WAH is kinda screwed
we havent much competition

Who would have thought pocket rockets could winbig time suprise!

FJW 1st place
Omega 2nd place
Doomblaze 3rd place
John Durski 4th place


i predicted doomblaze to win

ive been in 12,13,14,14,14th place for the season next year i predict to end up in 10th due to loss of senoirs

Hey FjW, MM for the wii?

We need to do time nex year there was way too much teaming up and calboratibng i had a 3 v 1 and they werent even in the same clan! That was so unfair

what is the new thing called dual is that grand wins

I disagree with Bad Driver. I think that you should be able to team up with others from your own clan to help each other, also there is that really rare chance that SOMEONE will break that promise. As for the stalling out we could make so if Eli catches you stalling everyone gets a 4th, so you can stall, but its risky.

i think eli should have stall patrol people who give warnings for stalls over 15 secs and 4th for stalls over 30

yea but who would want to be in a stall patrol

If anyone cares, I got 5th, Bad driver got 6th, aikem got 7th and neco got 8th
I think thats right
(aikem is a friend of john FJW and I)

There were glitches in the seeding so people got paired together lots of times. the roysters were together in 4-6 consecutive matches and I was in the same kart race as doomblaze 6 times in a row

the stalling seemed to happen a lot more because the matches were 4 minutes long

Ok since most of you are big time nintendo fan boys i nned some help. I want to buy a DS with my winnings and some other gift card that totals to about $115. What is the difference between the nintendo DS oringal and the nintendo DS lite? What is the price difference? Should i buy a used DS risking that the screen is beat up? What are the best games especially for long car trips and library DS functions? If anyone could awnser these i would really appreciate it.

First of all, congratulations Mike for winning the Nintendo Revolution. Now that I've seen the system, I'm a little tempted to go out sometime and buy one for myself.

And to Bad Driver, I personally have a DS and I like it, but I suggest you buy a DS Lite, they are both the same price new at Gamestop. The only downside to the original DS I can think of is that GBA games stick out of the slot a little bit. For a long trip, get FF3, Animal Corssing DS, or Resident Evil DS (you too young for that...) I know that there are many games out there that I havn't mentioned but I'm too lazy to mention them.
"OOOOO, Happy Cheese!"-Kevin S.
"No matter how much you may suck at doing something, look cool doing it, that's all that matters."-Kevin S.

how much are they i am trying to stay in a 115 dollar range for the game and system i can go over though. Thank you EBD

FJW wudnt have won without me i didnt kill him bout 4 times wit wizards and freezes and stuff
lol i have 3 dses!
im gona sell dis one on e-bay, cuz they go 4 like 150, and use that 2 buy a wii
and get a DS lite, its realllly bright and light (stated by the name) and u might want mario kart ds or new super mario bros, even tho its pretty short
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you do realize that a ds going for $150..... isn't true? but wow, you can try and feel better about getting third. you still won't get $150 for it.

and wow. FJW has to be the worst "pro" i've ever seen. that is to say, he's the worst of the best.

and as a matter of fact, i AM pissed off

: ) just saying

Bad Driver you didn't have a 3v1, you had somewhat of a 2v1 for like a minute. It's because you were camping a cloud and were a prime target for the person's blaster, and because you tried to attack FJW.

-I- had a 3v1, however. And the finals were straight up stupid. I don't blame the people who made the ruleset, and I have to blame myself for cheating a little too (I did the 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd thing a few times) but the truth is I shouldn't have been able to do that.

FJW, I can't congratulate you for winning. What you did was just lame.

Lain, you're the one who should be worried about trying to feel better for yourself. Just because you could talk the talk but couldn't walk the walk doesn't mean that you should bash FJW just because he won, or Doomblaze because he said he could get $150 for it on eBay. You won the Clan Cup this year, whoopee for you. Don't become a jerk just because of it. It's not healthy.

Same goes for Pwnerer. Just because people won't lay down and 2-stock themselves for you doesn't mean you can be a jerk about it. You may think that your reputation precedes you, but it doesn't. Anyone can always beat you, that's why you actually play the games. If we did this all on reputation, we may as well have just handed the Royster Bros. the Wii and the DS. But we don't. So go home, practice, and come back next year and try again. But don't attempt to bring other people down just cause you couldn't back up your talk on here.

Also, Bad Driver, you're not going to get a DS and a game for $115. Since you said that you could go over, I would recommend the DS Lite. It is smaller, sleeker, and brighter, which are three advantages over the regular one. As far as games go, for long car trips, Tetris DS FTW. For AADL-GT functions, definitely get yourself a copy of Mario Kart DS, then maybe Star Fox Command or Advance Wars DS. Then maybe, if you can, get Metroid Prime: Hunters. (Mind you, I'm not saying you should get all of these at once, of course). If you are an RPG fan, then definitely also go for Final Fantasy III.

Finally, congratulations to everybody today, and especially to FJW. Also, condolences for johninabox, who finished fourth again, though at least this time he got a t-shirt for it :-P.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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Oh yeah, and I have the following comments:

Swordmaster - While it's lame that you were part of 3v1ing me, you're not as bad as I thought you'd be. Not as good as the Roysters though.

FJW - lame. and way to lose an ic ditto to me. you don't even get capital letters.

Omega - Vast improvements in technical skill, and too bad about second place. Nice fox too.

Shin - You also vastly improved, but your Fox isn't quite as good as your brother's. You're both on par with me, so it looks like I've got some work ahead of me...

ok, the truth is that Mike won the wii, that doesnt necessarily make him "the best" It means he had great mindgames (towards other players *cough* john *cough* Arjan *cough*), skill, a balamced game, and luck. One way or another you cant take away HIS wii, because he did win it. All you can do is complain about the rules, but he did play by the rules and he did win, so, for that I congtadulate him.

Excellently put, swain.

Too bad you couldn't make it today. Looking forward to having you back next year, though.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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thanks, next year will be fun, and Bad Driver, my personal opinion on mariokart ds is that it screws your mkdd technique and gameplay up, I have the game myself. The kart isnt proportional to the course compared to mkdd and its kind of a different ballgame, but it is fun to play wireless. Also I liked supermario bros.

That is true, the karts in the DS version handle a lot differently than the ones in MKDD.... So I guess, just only play the DS version during the offseason! :-P
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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My advice for a hopeful DS owner: get a DS Lite, not used, a screen protector, and a SuperCard MiniSD with a SuperKey. The latter two of these can be found here and, although the price is steep, it is definately worth it in the long run. Mike B. (Evil Bus Driver) can attest to this also.

What does this have to do with reputation?

I'm just saying that what FJW did wasn't nice. Just because there isn't a rule against it doesn't make it fair, guys. I admitted that I did sort of cheat when I let people do the 1,2,2,2 thing, but 3v1 is different, because people offered to 1,2,2,2 thing me. 3v1 is nearly impossible, and horribly weighted against the 1, in this case me or Omega.

I don't know why you're offended at what I said but I apologize for it.

I'm not saying that I should've won the Wii, or that it should be taken away from FJW, I'm saying that the 1,2,2,2 thing and 3v1 are lame. Personally I think Omega was the best player there and, under non-3v1 circumstances, would've swept the competition.

And I don't think anybody here could beat me and two roysters 3v1ing them. Ever. That means you all suck amirite? No, it means that 3v1 sucks and there's a reason why Eli himself said that a serious augmentation to the rules needs to be made.

EDIT: And I'm also not saying I wouldn't've taken advantage of FJW's situation myself. I'm saying that it shouldn't've been there to take advantage of in the first place.

well put, but i typed it real fast and didnt check spelling

And I agree with cisco but FJW did play by the rules

like we could complain about it as much as we wanted but it wont change much, but we can change the rules for future tournaments

well said pwnerer.

i'm not trying to be a jerk. doomblaze can't sell his ds for $150. sorry. but it won't happen.

also, yeah the rules are..... just wrong. the FFA thing was a big mistake this year. too many "agreements".

and yeah, i couldn't walk the walk. because why? remember how the bracketing was messed up? check the brackets. see who's part of what clan. FIGURE IT OUT

don't point fingers at me. just don't.

oh yeah, and i won the clan cup. does that mean if i get mad within the next year it's because i had an overinflated ego from it?

all in all still, it was fun.

lain, as long as you keep the cool hair, we will forgive your overinflated ego

Sorry BAC, but I'm joining a new clan with the Roysters.

And yes, they're coming back.

A new clan?

I have a feeling they aren't returning to WAHer this coming season.

with the frantic shouting of "get the royster!", I would guess not.

Eli: I overheard something about switching to how many kills you get. This is a bad idea; people can take most of the stock by comboing someone to say 120% then get attacked, then some other person takes the stock and gets a point for doing basically nothing.

And damage dealt is bad too because of the nature of certain characters that were designed to take more damage at the cost of being able to avoid it.

EDIT: With the number of people that attend and the time limit, you're going to have to basically design a new system for playing smash.

EDIT2: I think I have an idea.

ah. you ARE coming to the next AADL-GT right MDidget?

This is what I'm thinking:

I know you guys love FFA, but in the end it made for a bad system, so here's mine:

64 person tournament, 2 hours.

You guys have eight setups, filled with SSBM, right?

Take groups of 4 at each system (32 people) and have them play each other all 1v1 2stock 3 minute. 6 matches times 3 minutes plus all the inbetween stuff = 25 minutes.

1st place = 100
2nd place = 0

Do this twice and you slice the top 2 off of each pod (55 minutes). You have 32 players. Repeat this process (25 minutes + 55 minutes + junk = 150 minutes) and take the top players from each pod and you have 8 players. Have them all 1v1 at random, (5 minutes) then you're down to four players who again play each other one last time (25 minutes) and you get about 2 hours. Now, if you start the tournament at 12:00, then it should take until about 2:00 to do singles, and teams should be twice as fast due to half the number of people.

If you could end at 6:00 then it would work out great.

I like the 1v1 thing but i dont know about the 100pts and 0pts thing

I would rather do 3 stock 4 mins, the extra stock allows for combacks, but yea, 1v1 does seem really fare, especially with so many rounds.

It actually doesn't matter, I think, because whoever gets the most wins still wins.

Actually, you could save even more time by putting 8 players in each pod (28 matches times 3 minutes + 5) = 1:30 or so. Then shave the top 2 from each and make them play 1v1 (5 minutes or so) and finally top 8 (five minutes) top 4 rr (25 minutes) to make 2:05. It's a good system I think. Also, it lets inexperienced players get far more matches than they otherwise might (7 matches). It's pretty good.

Give me some feedback!

EDIT: problem with 3stock 4minute is the time restraints. Sorry :(

yea yea