Carting Off the Christmas Tree


Drop and drag time will be here before you know it! The City of Ann Arbor's curbside collection of holiday trees will be held Monday, Jan. 18 - Friday, Jan 22, 2010. If Mother Nature delivers a snowstorm, just leave them buried and the City will pick them up when things thaw out. Be sure and get those ornaments off your holiday tree -- metal, glass or plastic can ruin the recycling machinery and spoil the mulch. Wreaths and roping have wire/plastic backing so put those in the trash cart. If you'd like to drop off your undecorated holiday tree, head to parking lot adjacent to the Drop-Off Station through Jan. 30, 2010.


If you live in Pittsfield Township, your Christmas tree will be collected if it is at the curbside on trash day during the first two weeks of January.

Note this Chronicle article Pedaling and the Price of Recycling, which reports on the new $3 "entry fee" for vehicles to the drop-off station after 1/2/2010. Bikes apparently don't count as vehicles (please don't translate that to your street behavior!), but for most of us it'll be easier to leave it at the curb than to ski, walk, or bike the tree over to Ellsworth...

A great article from the chronicle! And some lovely comments on the post as well. I'm glad to read that there won't be a $3 entrance fee for those just stopping in to pick up compost.