November Gaming Weekend

This month come to the Ann Arbor District Library's Downtown Branch for our November Gaming Weekend. This Month is Round Four of the Smash Kart Championship Series 2009. Smash Kart now tries something slightly different on National Gaming Day @ Your Library as AADL is once again the epicenter of a NATIONAL SMASH BRACKET - playing with Libraries from across the country! How's it going to work? Will AADL make it to the National Gaming Day finals? Come for the pizza but stay for the BRAWL!

Rock Revolution Rock Band & DDR Tourney
Friday, November 13 6pm to 9pm
All ages

Smash Kart Round 4
Saturday, November 14 12pm-5pm
Grades 6-12

MarioKart Wii Mario Kart Wii Tournament For All Ages
Sunday, November 15 1pm-5pm
All ages


I must've been out of the loop this year. I should come by this weekend. I just got done being sick so I don't plan on commentating, but I'd love to hang out.

edit: Dang, they deleted my signature. What do you put in your sig to throw in your clan pic? I do know my clan pic code. I just don't remember what to put around it.

Wait, if saturday is only for brawl, then what are the rules going to be, like are we going to be doing best of three or double elim or something?

evil bus driver:

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