More Energy Meters Available!

energy meterenergy meter

Are you curious about how much energy your appliances are using? You can borrow one of our Energy Meters to find out. The City of Ann Arbor has given AADL 7 new meters for our patrons to use. You can borrow these kits for 4 weeks or longer if there are no holds on them. Need to research new appliances? Nothing beats Consumer Reports for unbiased information about products on the market. Even better: You can access this info from home with your aadl log in by going to our Research Page and clicking on Magazine articles!


Couldn't you shorten the check-out time for these so more people could have the opportunity? These would be great for measuring the usage on supplemental heat sources such as electric heaters being used in the winter, but with only 10 avaiable not many of us will have the opportunity. 2 weeks should be plenty of time to check out your appliances & return the meter.

This is great news! Thanks for the heads up.

I think making the meters available is a great idea! I just placed a request for one and I am hold 54 on 10 items. I agree with the previous poster that a two-week checkout period would be plenty for me, so more people could borrow the items more quickly.

We are so delighted to see the response to the addition of seven new energy meters to the three already in the collection! For now, the check out time will remain at four weeks as it has been since the meters first became available at the AADL in 2005. We appreciate the generosity of the City of Ann Arbor in making these meters available to AADL patrons.

Diane Dahlem
Circulation Manager

Wow, you've had some since 2005? I wish I'd known sooner! This is a great resource.

Again, as the previous poster, I had no idea you even had these until the blog post, let alone since 2005. I saw another post where you can check out art. If you have any other "unexpected" items, I'd love to hear about them in subsequent blog entries.

I also agree that 4 weeks is too long -- would vote for 2 weeks on checkout. Very glad you offer these!

Gardenfaerie, we have an occasional feature on the home page of the website called "Secrets of the Library" where we do just this! "Secrets" are posted on Fridays and they highlight various resources at the library that our patrons may not know about. also has a list of Unusual Stuff to Borrow with some good information on items in addition to the energy meters.

Nice thing! I'd like to borrow one. The question how much energy this or that appliance uses occupied my mind. Nowadays the issue of energy economy is very popular. Not long ago I watched a documentary about it. It wad said that though a lot of efforts are put to decrease the usage of energy (new appliences use less energy) but if to take into account that people use more and more different electric appliances we come to the situation that every year the need of energy will be larger and larger.

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I am very curious to know about energy meters. I have also lots of home appliance in my home. I will try this energy meters to dehumidifiers because it is said dehumidifiers can save more electricity than that of other air conditioning. The concept of energy meters is very nice. It helps to control the cost of energy. I will definitely use the home appliance only after checking how much energy is used.

Dear OfCourse,

I hope you are able to check out an energy meter soon to determine where you may be able to cut costs at home. I was surprised at the cost of running a computer 24/7 in my house. Turning off the monitor made a difference immediately. Sincerely, Beth Manuel

Terrific news!

Thanks AADL!