Forest Hill Cemetery Interpretive Tours

Founded in 1857, Forest Hill is Ann Arbor's oldest cemetery, rich in history and remarkably colorful this time of year. Indeed, it's a perfect time for an interpretive tour of the graveyard with local historian Wystan Stevens, who leads groups through the grounds with stories of Ann Arbor's history every Sunday from Oct. 4 - Nov. 8 starting at 2pm. Be sure to catch him this time around, for Stevens will end his popular 30 year tradition this year. The tours are $10 for adults and free for children, and they begin at the cemetery gate on Observatory, north of Geddes. Additional information is available at 734.662.5438. For a further glimpse into the lore of Michigan's past, try the books Ann Arbor Area Ghosts, and Ghost Towns of Michigan.


This sounds like the most fun. I've been on a slow graveyard tour with a friend of mine since 1993! It's a long tour. I'll have to put this one on my list of ones to visit in the future. Thanks for the post. I'm also intrigued by the Reference copy of the Directory of Cemetaries of Washtenaw County that the Downtown library keeps in the Local History Room. So many to visit!

i've gone on this tour before. fans of cemeteries and local history buffs will both enjoy this walk around forest hill - mr. stevens is full of quirky stories about the ann arborites that reside there. and yes, it's beautiful at this time of year!

This would be a lot of fun, I'm hoping to make it next Sunday before this event is gone forever!