October is Family History Month in Michigan


You never have all the information you want about your ancestors. There's always someone or some questions that you never asked until it was too late. Fortunately some records keep getting easier to locate and view.

Some states such as West Virginia have set up sites click here that allow people to view and download vital records such as birth, death and marriage records over 75 years old. Hopefully Michigan will do so in the near future. Recently I discovered the death certificates of my maternal grandmother and great grandmother via West Virginia's fine web site. What a find! Saved me hours of travel and/or countless correspondence.

Your Ann Arbor Library has several outstanding resources for genealogists available via our web page under the Research tab then click on Genealogy. Ancestry Library Edition is one (only available on-site) with info on over 1 billion names from public records. Two other resources both available remotely with a library card are HeritageQuest Online with a complete set of Federal Census records, extensive info on books and magazine articles, Revolutionary Pension records and Biography & Genealogy Master Index with an Index to over 10,000 biographies.