Head Downtown to Check Out Lawn Games For The Weekend

Today is a great day to visit the Downtown Library and check our recently expanded Games collection. We've got giant garden checkers and dominoes, disc golf kits and colorful scoop ball sets, giant tumble towers, metal detectors & more. Also, we highly recommend that you get your Scandinavian lawn games fix with a set of Kubb (pronounced coob) the ancient viking lawn game of chance and skill. Most games circulate for one week and some can be requested, but most are offered on a first-available basis.


That is terrific! Thanks for letting us know!

Thanks ~ what a great addition!

Awesome! It would be fun to check out a metal detector or some of the giant-sized games! :)

Kuub sounds cool. I'd like to try it and maybe a metal detector.

I have seen lots of people playing with the SCOOP balls (pictured) in the lakes this summer - perfect for that!

We just checked out the disc golf. took two of us to carry it home. Now we are watching a video on Youtube on how to play.

great idea!

Wow, what a neat collection! I love the diversity in it. AADL definitely rules in the "unusual stuff to borrow" category!

Sounds interesting. I'll have to take a look sometime. Thanks for the info!

Play a round of disc golf and explore Mary Beth Doyle park for the summer game!

Kuub provided hours of fun for our family. Now if we could only be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to be able to check it out again!

NICE! Totally going to see them when I go there.

can't wait!

Here's another reason why AADL is the best :)


i wanna do it

I checked out the metal detector. I haven't seen my 11 year old since. He is busy finding treasures!

I often check materials out for the kids I babysit, and this will add to the fun!

I hope these are still available when my son gets older. I bet he'd have a blast with the metal detector too.

First--as everyone else said, this is a great idea and thanks very much to the AADL folks for (again!) taking it to another level.

Second--I was just about to say, "How 'bout a geocaching event?" (in fact I did say that, but I've edited it--love that 'edit' feature) but I see you've got that for the second year in a row.

You all just rock TOO much!

I saw these and they looked interesting.

How to play with this activity? I have no idea.

Kubb rocks as does AADL! Fun picnic game and I convinced my nephew to make me my own set.

What a great idea. Sounds like a great way to have some fun outside this summer.

Are these items available at a different branch while downtown is closed?

Probably not as they take a lot of floor space; at least many of them do. I was glad to find they could be returned anywhere though.

I saw a pingpong table earlier . . . I'm going to have to check that one out soon!

Missed it :(

@Zekicmom -- good question about the game availability. I asked Josie about the musical tools on the main aadl.org entry regarding the downtown branch being closed. She said to use the contact us link to request the musical tool I wanted, and they'd get it to me. I would imagine it would be the same for the games.

Lawn Games. How Cool! AADL thinks of everything.