School is OUT! And Summer Game 2014 is ON!

IT'S FINALLY HERE! Summer Game 2014 is now activated and READY TO PLAY! We've got some new features, new badges, and NEW PRIZES yet to come! Including:

- Points for Downloads. Get 100 points for downloading MUSIC from our collection.
- Easier Recruiting! Your recruits don't need library cards to get recruiting bonuses.
- QR codes on Code Signs! If you have a smartphone, get a QR code reader, because we've actually found something QR codes are good for! You can still type in the codes too, it's just a shortcut.
- NEW BADGES starting with BADGE DROP #1 coming around 5 PM today!
- NEW PRIZES including Binoculars, Sunglasses, Adorable inedible erasers, Glass Tumblers, AND MORE!
- BRANCH MASTER BADGES will drop August 1, and no new codes will be added to Library Buildings after August 1, so you'll have the whole month to get all the codes.
- COMPLETING THE PAPER GAME (Summer Game Classic) is now worth 2000 POINTS!
- A SUMMER GAME WRAP PARTY will be coming at the end of the summer, so stay tuned for that!

The SUMMER GAME SHOP opens Monday, July 7. For now, get hunting for codes, and start TAGGING, RATING, and REVIEWING items in the AADL Catalog for points! Or SIGN UP ONLINE if you haven't played before! Or WATCH THIS VIDEO if you have no idea what any of this is about!

Any questions? Post comments here (for points!) or drop us a Contact Us anytime, we're here to make your SUMMER FUN! Enjoy, and as always....




yes! But, I have a question. When I went to download the Classic Summer Game for Teens, it says to read 5 books to get a coupon? It used to be that if did 10 things (books, podcasts, movies, etc.), you would get a coupon and a free book. Are they no longer giving the free books anymore?

I clicked on the "Badges" page, and there are the typical beginner SG badges (for reviewing, tagging, etc.) However, they're listed under "Summer Game 2013" instead of this year.

I occasionally find codes for previous years; in the past, I was able to receive some portion (80 or 90%?) of the points for prior year's codes. Is this still the case? It does not appear so -- now, their entry results in a message that the codes have expired.

Also -- I successfully downloaded two items of interest from, but there is no apparent point bonus for doing so. Can you help?

Hi Vadnala: Adults just get a coupon, but all teens get both a book AND a coupon of their choice! : )

That's what I thought. But, when I downloaded the teen game, It said "Read 5 books and get a coupon of your choice." it didn't say anything about getting a book, so that's why I was asking. I love picking out a new book every summer, and woud've been really disappointed if it wasn't the case.

Yep, you were right! Sorry to spook you, vadnala! We had just combined the design of the adult and teen cards the year - we should have text on there next year to be super extra especially clear. Spread the word, though - teens still get a book (plus whichever coupon they wan, too!).

Thanks for checking! : )

I'm not sure but I'm 11 so can I still do the teen/adult summer game classic



Hurray! So excited! Summer Game! I've been waiting for this since September 1st, 2013! :-) YES!
Alright, I'll calm down now. I was going to ask the question that Willow already asked: Can codes from last year still be redeemed for points? Thanks!
Again, I am SO EXCITED for Summer Game 2014!!!!

I'm so excited for this! New prizes! A wrap party! You are the best!!

Hold on! This doesn't make sense. You get fifty points per checkout, but a hundred points per download? It would make more sense to have that the other way around, if not equal.

Yippee! Our family was so eager that we warmed up last week by proposing a park explorer badge for one of our favorite parks, Mary Beth Doyle Park, and here it is! Yippee!

The link to the park map is missing. It should be

Oh, and I was so out of practice that in the description I kept calling the game codes "clues" instead. Oops.

Yea, Its finally here. Looking forward to another great year with you all.


Did you download files from the catalog? Right now only the Downloads that are in catalog records will award you points (Music, Books & Patterns).

We will work on awarding points for Video and Podcast file downloads.

Hi Jan,
We love the badge you guys put together! We tested it yesterday so we could have it up today. : )

Sorry the map link wasn't working, but it should be working just fine now. Thanks so much for making such a fun badge!

Thanks for letting us participate in this fun way.

For the Mary Beth Doyle Park badge and the proDUCTivity badge, I've got 5/5 clues, but the badge is not awarded.

Yay, the summer game is here! I am eagerly awaiting the badge drop.

Super excited about the summer wrap party! It's going to be awesome to put faces with names.

I can't figure out how to make a new team...what am I missing? I went to "My Players" and "List of Teams" but I can only see existing teams, or join an existing teams. Is there no way to create a new team? Thanks in advance!

Hey Jan,
Sorry about that! There was one checkbox that hadn't been checked yet. The next "scoring event"/action you take should award you those that you've already earned.
Thanks for the heads-up!

Thanks for adding a link on the left side bar to the library catalog! It's really useful when solving badges. ;)

Has there been any thought of creating a summer game app (or is there one that I'm unaware of)? Even something very simple for recording the read/listen/watch points (I'm thinking it'd be especially useful for recording things read/heard during long summer road trips).

Thanks for doing the summer game! It's always a lot of fun!

It's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy :) If only I could have convinced my parents to open up the computer earlier... Ah well
Everybody Celebrate the beginning of SG2014!

Hey, where's the badge drop? It's 6:35... I don't want to be a nudge, but I was just wondering?

It looks like it is there. The badges are there, but there isn't a post like the 2012/13 Summer Reading Game. I think it's probably just a bit late.

Woohoo! Can't wait to get started on the badges!

Hi all - there will be an official badge drop and a post - we're just running a little behind today. However, if you go to the badge page there are already several there!

Oh, I see, great! Sorry - I'm just so excited about Summer Game, I don't want to wait any longer than necessary. :-) Thanks for letting me know!

you get a book too

Wow. How do people earn 500,000 points in one day?

it's an error, an entire off-season's worth of checkout history dumped in all at once for that player. we've fixed the bug, and we will be cleaning up that players record. Thanks for asking!

Ah, thanks.

Checkout history is a thing I have mixed feelings about. My understanding is that normally, at AADL and most other good libraries, if you check out a book and return it, the library quickly forgets that you ever had it out. Nobody will ever be able to come around and inquire into what sorts of things you have been reading, because the library won't know. They will delete that information. This is a very strong protection of the privacy of library patrons (slightly weakened by the fact that completely deleting information from computers is frequently harder than one would think).

If you activate your checkout history, you weaken this protection a bit more. Records of what you check out will be saved. By policy, staff will not access that information - only you can access it. But information protected by a policy isn't as strongly protected as information that doesn't exist. You do retain the option to delete individual items from your record, or to delete your entire record, at any later date in the future so this change is never irrevocable.

So really this is no big deal for most people, but you should be aware that when you activate checkout history you do somewhat weaken the excellent privacy protection normally provided by AADL. It's a perfectly reasonable thing to choose to do, but it is worth at least a moment's thought.

I downloaded two books directly from the downloads page linked above yesterday, without points for either.

It looks like that person linked their checkout history. I was able to click on their scorecard. I don't see anyone else with anything near that many points!

When using a tablet, I can,t see the badge clues...they open but I can't scroll down to read the next clue.

Hi sara, if you can't scroll your badge clue window on a tablet, instead of just clicking on the badge, try pressing & holding and choosing to open the badge details in a new tab or page. Thanks for asking!

While utilizing the checkout history seemingly somewhat weakens privacy protection, it's also a VERY handy tool. I check out things for my whole family and my mother's constantly asking if she read this or that. It's been very handy to have the checkouts record and then go through and place the ones she's read on my own "private" list so I can keep track of those things so I can let her know whether she has or not. Once I've done that, I can delete the list, keeping it to a manageable size.

If you're really worried about it, you could turn it on for the Summer Game and then turn it back off and delete the list once it's over. Then you get the points throughout the summer game but when it's over, you can go back to having no record of your checkouts.

Super excited that the Summer Game has started! It's one of the few things I actually LOVE about summer. :) I'm not a hot weather person. I actually LIKE winter and snow. But I do love playing the Summer Game every year. :) I'm so thankful we have awesome staff that work so hard to put such a terrific game together each year.

The summer game is back! Time to hunt for codes!

I'm so excited!

I also downloaded two books but received no points. It worked for an mp3 though.

i love summer game

So far so good! I'm enjoying it!

I love the summer game-trying to get badges and reading books

Can't wait for the Summer Game Shop to open!! :D

Thanks so much for doing a badge on Mary Beth Doyle Park. I hope to get my husband out this weekend for a game of disc golf and a hike for clues/codes!
The Park badges are my favorite - we did one for Bandemere Park last year.

It's finally here.

I never realized I could download music from the library... Wow....
Maybe in addition to songs [downloadable] in English we can add some j-pop? *coughmusicfromanimecough*

Hi Bookbird - we would love to - it's just a matter of finding artists and record labels willing to license directly to the public library.This is still a pretty new concept and many publishers and artists aren't comfortable with the model. It's a lot more complicated than you might realize since we're paying directly to the creators so our users can have direct access. So if you know of any J-Pop artists who sell directly online or of any small record labels that have a strong online presence those would be good places to start. We would love suggestions! We're really excited about out growing downloads collection so keep exploring and keep the suggestions coming!

And one for Furstenberg park, the Arb, ...

Saving all my points for summer game shop. Can't wait for it to open

Looking forward to the opening of the shop -- just used previous year's AADL cooler on Saturday, and it was just the thing!

Yes, the cooler from last year is perfect! It's just the right size for most of my needs, and it's soft so I can squeeze it into a packed trunk. Good choice, library people!

Same. Can't wait for the shop to open on July 7.

I'm also really looking forward to the shop opening.

I can't wait to see all the new items!

Hi everyone,
At the moment the only aspect of earning points through downloading from our collection is if you download MUSIC - I changed the language in the original post. So if you want to explore our collection and earn some points download some music! Thanks for playing!

Yay!!! The summer game is here!

Hi tiffany! Welcome to the world of Summer Game!


Summer Game Shop opens TOMORROW! So excited! :-)

Me too! I thought it was the 3rd, and so I was disappointed on Thursday. But now just one more day!

We were crushed to wake up this morning and not be able to start shopping at the summer game shop! Please put it up soon. We don't have nearly enough AADL material in our house, even with the new rainbow slinkies.

Monday night... what is AADL's definition of 'night'? I don't know how much longer I can stay online...

Is the Summer Game Shop still opening tonight? I thought maybe it would open between 5-6 since that is when the badge drops usually are, but it didn't...:(

YES! I never knew there were points for downloads! I am SO doing

I never knew you can get points for downloading either, until just recently!

We have had so much fun this summer with all the hunting for codes and whatnot!! Sad to see it end but thankful for school :)

Apon reading more comments!!! I had NO idea you could even download music!!!

The summer game has been so much this year! Thx aadl!