The Summer Game Begins Friday

SumGame_medSumGame_medGet ready for the summer's best game! Our Summer Game officially begins this Friday, June 13.

Sign up to play; it is truly an all-ages program. Participants collect points by reading books, watching movies, visiting the library, and attending events. Points can then be redeemed for cool prizes.

We will also be hosting a kick-off party at TOP on Sunday, June 15, 7 pm at Rackham Stage with The Dirty Sock Funtime Band.


Any time we can expect the Classic Summer Reading Game teen sheets to be available on the website? Or do we have to go to our library to get them? Can't wait for the Summer Game!

So excited for the FUN to BEGIN!!!


Currently the "Get Started" link at the left has 2013 classic game pdfs. If this year runs like prior years, that page and links will be updated on Friday. Usually, players can get a paper copy at a branch or the pdf from there to start playing, but only once the game officially starts.

great, thank! Have been playing the classic summer game since I was six years old, and loved the online summer game as soon it took off!

Hey vadnala!

cherylo was spot on! The teen Classic Reading Game sheets WILL be available on the website for you to print off, and those will probably be up as soon as, or soon after, SG 2014 starts!


Time-related question: when SG begins on Friday, is there a set time for when the site and everything activates? I thinking of how last year the weekly badge drop was sometime in the afternoon, etc.

I am soooo excited to start the game this year! I have more time to devote to it, and I checked out 3 900+ page books to work on (Thomas Wolfe).

Summer Game 2014. Go.

Ahhh oh my goodness it's finally here <3

Hopefully I can actually participate more this summer hehe
The new design is so amazing and I'm really excited to see what new badges AADL has for us this year :D

Are there no more complementary free books from the prize cart for teens for completing the classic summer game?

FYI - Teens STILL get a FREE book when they complete the classic game! It was an oversight that the card does not say so. All players get 2000 points when they complete the classic game!

Does anyone know, as an adult, do I need to connect the paper game to my account here to get the points for the summer reading things? I did it the last two years, but it seems different this year.

@ SBNB -- when you're in your account look in the upper right corner and find "edit player information" - once in there you can put in the UNIQUE # from your game card in the spot marked "Summer Game Card #" - this will match your records up.

Thank you!

Thank You for organizing Summer Games. I just can't say how the Summer went by, by playing the Summer Games

Yep. I'm sure that lots of people participate in this, and it is definitely a major part of my summer.

I wish it would be a major part of my summer but luck's not with me... The amount of competition is increasing each year isn't it?

This year my dad has more points than me... competition is also getting way better!

What time does the shop open today?


We loved the summer game last year and having a great time this year. Always something new!

Burying a superfluous comment to get to next badge level. Hate doing that, but apparently I hate being one comment away even more.