Kids Rock @ TOP: The O>Matics

Sunday June 22, 2014: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm -- Top Of The Park

This event is intended for all ages.

Cartoonists and Kids Read Comics exhibitors, the O>Matics (Chris O>Matic, Jamie O>Matic and Mark O>Matic) are “the nerdy veterans of the music world” whose energy has them moving all over the place. The O>Matics also appear in their own comic. As Mark says, “people see our comics and they go, ‘What’s this comic? Is it about a band?’ And we’re like, ‘Yeah, and it’s a real band. And here’s their music. And it’s us!’” Presented by AADL and the Ann Arbor Summer Festival


Yay I can't wait! I always

Yay I can't wait! I always enjoy the concerts at TOP.

Is there going to be something similar to Ingall's Quest this year as well?



Gotta check this one out!

Gotta check this one out!

YES! Instead of Ingalls Quest

YES! Instead of Ingalls Quest this year, we have TOPOPOLY! Come play, it's fun!

Question about Topopoly Bonus Code

I get the impression that the Bonus Code is a list of numbers, but I'm not sure how to input them. Just in a string, separated by commas, spelled out, or some other way? Would appreciate guidance because I think I have the numbers write, but getting a code not recognized error.

Just the numbers themselves!

Just the numbers themselves! The correct answer is a 19-digit number.