Who Doesn't Love Tyrannosaurus Rex?

If I could choose one way to die - being eaten by a T-Rex. Happy Valentines Day! We've just shelved the newest addition to our growing Science Tools collection, a Tyrannosaurus Rex 1.2 kit. You get not one, not two but three detailed T-rex models; a cast of the current world record holding largest T-rex tooth yet discovered; one cast of a T-rex foot claw; and a cast of its brain; along with the supercool adventurer/travelogue book Dinosaur by Stephanie Stansbie and a copy of the DVD Dinosaurs Decoded. Visit the Downtown Library to check out the Stuff Shelf, where you can also find our Tyrannosaurus Rex 1 and Tyrannosaurus Rex 2 kits, along with our other Science Tools, Music Tools and Home Tools. Watch for Art Tools coming soon!


Nothing says love like a t-rex!