Inspired by the Masters: Quilts by the Aussome Study Group

Now through February 27, 2014 -- Downtown Library: 3rd Floor Exhibit and Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room Exhibit

The Aussome Study Group (ASG) was formed in 2005 by art quilters participating in a Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational project. The quilters decided to meet monthly to provide feedback, problem solve and critique during the design and work phases of art projects. Members of the Aussome Study Group are Mary Andrews, Lois Ann Fulton, Karen Kiley Olson, Robbie Payne and Carol Tamasiunas.

This exhibit began when two members wanted to explore Gustav Klimt and his painting of fabric. Members became fascinated with Klimt and and seven other artists (Beardsley, Frankenthaler, Hokusai, Hundertwasser, Mucha, O’Keeffe and Van Gogh) were added to the project. There were no limitations on the number of pieces each quilter made or type of materials, used as long as the quilt measured 16"x 20". This led to a variety of materials (paint, tyvek, inks, beads, etc.) and techniques (applique, piecing, hand & machine quilting).