Super Smash and Double Dash Tournament Weekend

Registration is open for Friday Night's Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament from 6-9 PM for ages 13 and up, and Saturdays' Round 2 in the Super Smash Double Dash Championship Series! Register now to bypass long lines at the event and get right to open play. Tonight's Melee tournament will be 100% ITEM-FREE, so those of you that have no love for lady luck can relax a little, but remember that you'll have no excuse if you lose. Read on for more.

Saturday's Clan Battle will have a similar format to round 1, except for a different final game, of course, and I think we'll do kart first for 8 2-player teams for full clan participation. Also, based on your suggestions, each member of your clan that is present must participate in at least one phase of the clan battle, so keep that in mind. I've got a great surprise game lined up, so get speculating.... see you tonight and tomorrow!


Bros and co will dominate

first post!!!

u dont need 2 say that, they should already know.
P.S. ty lots eli, 4 regarding wut i said 'bout the clan battle

um guys in case you havent realized, we got third place with only 3 ppl, thats saying something

I have a good excuse. FJW had his shield destroyed in sudden death i knocked him off the edge and than got hit by a bomb!

so was it Ownerer, Lucky_fetus, FjW, Juggleguy

those would be my choices to win

EDIT for Everybody: No johns ;)

I have a good excuse.

20 dollar money match @ whoever beat me. Best of 3, random neutrals, advanced slobs, DSR.

That's my excuse.

Mike, only 4 scores count, you got all your points from melee cause all the best players weren't there and you were 3000 poits out of second place.

if anyone wanted to know tonights rankings it was

1. some guy that started with a "r"
2. Ownerer
3. The Destroyer
4. me

I'm da wiena all da time!!!!

Riley, how'd you get 4th?!?!?

i got better

I'm da wiena all da time!!!!

a lot and are you coming i want to play you 1v1 and ive beeten pickwick a couple times and eric twice in a row

people i beat, ithink in the tourny: FJW, Doomblaze, and this super noob who i dont know his name

I'm da wiena all da time!!!!

My second john is that I played Falco.

My Falco sucks!!!

I play FOX people.


i really don't care that you beat FjW unless it was on a neutral stage

[sarcasm] And wow you beat Doomblaze?!?! [/sarcasm] I'm so amazed!

i was just letting you know and wats a neuteral stage

I'm da wiena all da time!!!!

first of all if that "super noob" you are refering to, is me then check the leaderboard greenbean.

by the way this is mike s

no it was not you so dont insult me

I'm da wiena all da time!!!!

well whatever, i own everyone but Ownerer so i win =P

Those tourtaments reminded me of the good old days 40 people and Eli was the only staff member their. one reason i think attendance was so low was because the thread pooped up a little too late and no items scared away some people.
Also will this tourney be on CTN

limabean beat me on Mushroon Kingdom II CAUSE HE IS SUCH AN F***ING NOOB AND DIDNT WANT TO DO FD, F***ING NOOB, you dont deserve to be alive, all that said, he just spammed dash attack with shiek, and i still almost beat him, even thought Mushroom kingdom II would be the worst IC course ever (no room to get under opponent, stupid blocks), judging by ur skill limabean (if you have any) i would 4 stock you on FD, NOOB. anyway Mdidget i lost in the semis to limabean

somehow I made it to semis

ok i'll play you today i'm not saying i'll win i just want to see

I'm da wiena all da time!!!!

good luck in 1.5 hours guys, cuz we own the clan battle

Derek, i heard you hid...on a cloud...with peach

I felt that you would be the peach to represent me and beat Shenron fairly

but alas, a cloud ~sigh~

EDIT: MY guesses for 1v1 melee =P:

For 2v2:
Ownerer and Lucky_Fetus
FjW and Juggleguy
Shenron and Limabean

Hmm... Well what character did this super noob play?

And I'm undecided if the super makes it better or worse to be said person.

And calling Yellow Kirby "Asian Kirby"... makes you racist ;) (referring to comments at the tourney, not on messageboard)

Lol that's what Shenron calls the yellow kirby

nishant i two stocked fjw on fd, and our clan got to the clan battle but lost because the first game was mario cart

I'm da wiena all da time!!!!

so who won the clan battle this time? we are hard is probably the best clan right now because they randomly got the 2 best melee players there. and monkeyman beat lucky fetus in elims becuz "sudden death is unfair". i lost to ownerer (no surprise there) in the first elim... but i killed him once! (which means little) it was funny when shenron kept on saying i suked with marth becuz we lost 2 him in team. we were 1 of the 2 teams out of the 17 that advanced who got a first and a second. we played limabean and shenron again. we shut them up. ^_^

TC lost the other clan one person owned the game and the other played it a little bit.

three words, We Are Hard...

we utterly dominated, totally and completely, and yeah, we won the clan battle

and Limabean, good match, im not making any excuses, all that happened was, you played a good match, and we played a bad one, and MDidget, ur predictions were pretty much what happened

you know a clan is good when 1835 pts gets you 5th place in your own clan

and those two random guys that we added arnt exactly random, plus they dont even play mario kart at all.

Our clan is #1,
Single smash: two people from our clan for 2nd and 3rd!,
Double smash: 2 out of 3 clan treams for 2nd and 3rd!
Singles cart: 1st place
doubles cart: 1 out of 3 teams into the finals

None of the above was luck

That was fun. When is October 14th?

I'd like to bring an old topic of discussion back from the graveyard: Double Dash Time Trials. In the GT Kart events, though talent no doubt plays a large part in determining the outcome, there is an irremovable element of randomness generated by items and by the lack of choice regarding vehicles or characters. As there is little that can be done to alter this state of affairs within the framework of the tournaments, it falls to "Time Trials," the only truly objective means, to measure absolute driving skill. One milestone on the path toward excellence is the overturning of the Staff Ghost times, which manifest themselves in the form of permanently-saved course ghosts representing the vehicles of the game's creators. About a year ago, I claimed to have beaten all of them, which met with disbelief on the hands of a few, a fact which rankles even to this day. And I quote:
"Beating a staff ghost is all,[sic] but impossible."
"Pickwick I can't believe you on the grounds of impossibility. I have a hard time believing that you beat one of them let alone all of them. Also it is impossible to beat the staff ghosts without the Bowser kart. Without the 5 stars you can't acheive the speed neccesary[sic] to meet let alone beat the staff ghost time. I personally saw a video of the staff ghost on Daisy's Cruiser and I don't believe that is possible for a player who didn't design the game to beat it and especially with a 1 top speed kart."

It is by no means impossible, I have done it many times with many karts, and I would like to submit some of my times as evidence of my assertion. If you beat or have beaten any of them, you win a cookie for each one!!!

Luigi Circuit: SG time: 1:26:300 My time: 1:23:441
Peach Beach: SG time: 1:20:400 My time: 1:16:595
Baby Park: SG time: 1:11:100 My time: 1:09:546
Dry Dry Desert: SG time: 1:50:750 My time: 1:46:951
That's enough to start.

I believe you because the staff ghost allow room for you to win but how on earth did u get 1:09 on baby park

WTF!?!?!? what the heck happened to the leaderboard, turtle clan is ranked three times, and everyone in our clan got their points halved. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?

what are u talking about mike?

ok, i logged out and switched to firefox and its better now, this library really needs to work out a few bugs in its website

wow Riley, didn't know you had it in ya

I;ll still two-stock you though ;)

Pickwick, i think it sounds like a really fun idea, but you would have to have all 40+ players have time trials on the same single course, also, also, if you generated random characters like how it is now than it would make the time trials unfair, right?

i found baby park staff ghost easy 2 beat... i got 1:08:995 on it after i got the hang of cutting my turns really close(my whole clan can vouch 4 me)and i beat peach beach the first time i tried. mario kart ds staff ghosts r all really easy 2 beat except special cup. (iv beaten 25/32)

i agree, the DS ghosts are extremely easy

What up gamers?

four words:

we got boost power


boost mobile power? I hate that friggin chirp!

"I'm not a geek, I'm a Level 12 Paladin!"-Kevin S.
"Snails don't go that fast, they're too ticklish!"-A Driver's Ed video

Holder of post #6000

No, as in what the announcer in F-Zero says on the second lap.

That quote from Kevin is really from a shirt that another kid has...

haha i remember the good times making fun of that F-Zero announcer

Bad Driver, the Mini-Turbo is your friend, on straights and turns alike.

Doomblaze, that's a very, very good time; what kart did you use?

Swain212, I wasn't very clear about it, but I didn't mean to suggest that the library switch to Time Trials; that would make for a much less exciting, and only somewhat more fair, competition. Rather, I wanted to start a sort of ongoing contest over the forum, wherein the Kart players would compare their best times online. If nobody else is interested, that's fine, too.

Mdidget, you weren't there.....

Alright seriously, wtf. I just came to check to see what time the tournament was this coming weekend and found out that it was last weekend. This is the second month this has happened, although last month it was a saturday/sunday thing. My whining is based off the assertation that a tournament has never been on a weekend in the middle of the month before. <_< Ian, you sit next to me in Humanities, I'm in your clan. Give me a heads up or something next time >_>

*using a sarcasm tone* Yeah, good goin' Ian. We couldv'e done better with 4 people in our clan. *end sarcasm tone*

"I'm not a geek, I'm a Level 12 Paladin!"-Kevin S.
"Snails don't go that fast, they're too ticklish!"-A Driver's Ed video

Holder of post #6000

nobody is posting any more

thats cause everyone is reeling from the absolute domination by We Are Hard

No, really, don't flatter yourselves. It's really just because we have lives to attend to.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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Moneymatches are awesome!!!

We should moneymatch if your name is:

Pickwick the Second
B--......whatever your name is who plays Sheik and is ProtoFalco's brother.
MDidget????if you come
I think that's it?

Also, I want to play Duck, but only in a 'friendly'. Zelda vs Zelda, haha.

AIM: sdmsaa

pwnerer, ive played you enough to know that a moneymatch with you would only mean lost money, on the other hand, if you count me killing you 2 times in a 4 stock match as a win for me, id challenge you then, cause i know you cant 3 stock me, only 2 stock

Someone should make a real message board for the AADL-GT...

i think monkeyman should MM francisco and me for $1000

lol, monkeyman shouldnt be on that list, i 4 stocked his sheik and his falcon with my icys, but the person that is b... is actually oroachimaru and you should also add Juggleguy, a formidable marth that i now have trouble 2 stocking, usually a close match

Yeah im interested pickwick. On the straight aways on Baby park how many times do you skid back and forth?

yea... i can beat monkeyman and if i really try i can 2 or 3 stock him, he shouldnt b on your list (no offense ryan) and i can beat u FJW, so i dunno if u should be on the list either. im just glad pwnerer couldnt 2 stock me in the tourney ^_^ i wana c u lose money nishant :P
I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:SDK]

One more thing. Did anyone place in two events at the last tourney?

i suicided once in that match, and i need to play you agian Doomblaze, btw you need to L-cancel,

yeah oroachimaru got 2nd and 2nd on singles and doubles smash and protofalco got 3rd and 2nd on singles and doubles smash, im sure plenty of other ppl placed in at least 2 events

lol i just learned how to wavedash at my friends after school today

No offence, FJW, but I don't think that you could beat Rob...

matt, ive 2 stocked him every time, hes never beaten my (except that one time i was using mew2, lol) ask him matt, he was lying when he said he beat me twice in a best out of 5, weve never even played a best out of five

i lost to rob after he almost ken combo'd me

it was really close, he edgehogged my parasol at a low percent

and you guys (FjW) were watching and was like "A peach that wavedashes!?!??!??! WTF?"

oh btw FjW, do not try to give advice to Arjun, he's just too stubborn

lol, ok, i guess arjan is hopeless and i didnt say anything during that match, that was rob that was like WHOA, PEACH WDing, thats like WHOA

whats wrong with a peach that wavedashes?

well nothing if you can do it right, if you do it wrong you basically do a ground float that immediately cancels, pretty useless, but when done correctly can actually be quite useful, but it doesnt go as far though, long WD's go to icys and luigi

you have to hold diagnally down after you jump or you'll ground float i think

yeah thats what i meant, but seriously now that i think of it, WD'ing with peach isnt nearly as useful as say, icys or marth

updated top 5 characters:

1 icys
2 sheik
3 mewtwo
4 marth
5 peach

id like to see that mewtwo in play

i like how the clan boards, and not to mention the player leaderboards are extremely messed up. i hope this can be fixed accurately. it's..... it's freakin me out.

any captain falcon users?

and i would TOTALLY moneymatch. provided of course it's not for insane amounts. i roll cheap. haha.

Hmm. Moneymatch versus Ownerer, a player against whom I have a record of 0-5, when I've hardly played the game since last year's GT.... Maybe; I second Lain's position on the matter, though. When and where would this be?? And would you mind my effecting the turning up of my handicap to 9?
Regardless of the presence of money on the line, I would like to play you, as well as the other Melee experts new to this year.

Bad Driver, I'll describe one lap on Baby Park, and the others are pretty much the same. Get a rocket start; pull outward slightly, then Mini-Turbo (henceforth, MT) inward, then MT around the corner. MT against the inside wall, but facing outward, then do the same again; pull away from the centre and MT back in to position yourself for the turn, around which you will, of course, MT. As soon as you've made the turn, MT against the inside wall again twice, then from the outside inward once, and you should be at the end of the starting side, ready to make the first turn again. Just repeat from there. If you don't manage it perfectly on the first try... well, you can start a club with me; that's the way all the World Record times for the course were made, but, oddly enough, it seems to require some practice. I can do two per side consistently, but if I try for a third, it slows me down. World Record for Baby Park: 1:04:234.

the following are the only stages that should be allowed

1. FD
2. battle field
3. mute city
4. dreamland 64
5. pokemon stadium
6. Fountain of dreams
7. big blue
8. rainbow cruise
9. yoshi's story (the one without the big clouds, only the tiny one, cant remember the exact name)

those courses are the fairest in the game, giving no significant advantage for any one character

my 5th slowest time at baby park is 1:08.983
My fastest lap record is 9.265
Ask FJW, he can vouch for me

i think final destination should b banned, because jigglypuff and kirby can get back on the edge if they get hit under it. it should b banned because if give a significant advantage to those 2 characters, and fox/falco can snipe from the edge. if you dont wana play all the stages go 2 a "real tourney" where its final destination 1v1 without time... and fjw, if your so good, u should b able 2 get somemore melee wins. I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:SDK]

well Arjan, if you knew how to edgegaurd, that wouldn't be a problem :)

my 5th slowest time is now 1:08.822, off the start I slide into the wall (all as one slide) then, let it boost me right, then left, then I slide left into the corner, just enough to make one small spark. Right after every turn I pull the control stick hard to the right to keep direction.

you shouldnt be talking arjan, i need to play you again, with like say my mewtwo (loljk) or maybe my shiek, and definitely with my icys again. and at "real" tourneys, they play like best out of something, say 5 or 7 or maybe even 11, anyway, the first match is a random stage from the 9 i listed, then after that the loser picks the stage. you should know that, and there is almost always a time limit, and yeah no items, usually 4 stock 8 time, and i do get melee wins, just not in singles, rob and i DOMINATE in team, always getting 2nd or 3rd, losing to those two black guys in our clan, anyway, i lose at singles cause icys suck in sudden death (stupid library rules, its always sudden death, 3 stock 3 time, WTF?!?!?!?) thats why im switching to sheik and mewtwo for the next smash singles when it is FFA, and yes swain212 did get like 1:08:822 on baby park, used the train kart with toad and paratroopa, i saw him do it, but the only thing is, the record is under my name, lol, his lap record is like 9:238.

I can't believe I agreed to play that black guy's Falco on FD. I was thinking about forcing the match to be played on a random stage, but I hate it when people do that to me, so I just conceded the stage selection. He ended up owning me. I gotta learn how to deal with short hop blasters and those upthrow to upair combos.

Matchups that make me happy:
Captain Falcon
Another Marth
All low tiers

Matchups that make me sad:

for the short hop blasters just SH and shield a lot, then take small WD's forward, for the u throw to uair just DI the way he is facing as soon as he throws you, add (high level icys to matchups that make me sad)

matchups that make me happy
fox (except ownerer)
C. Falc
most shieks

sad matchups
shieks that spam dash attach
and anything ownerer plays

do i really suk that bad? cuz if i do, then both of u should be higher on the leaderboard then me, and fjw, u should actually count 4 your clan X_X
I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:SDK]

Jugglguy, we were even when we played, don't underestimate us peaches

Doomblaze, i don't even go to these anymore ._.

i want to play everyone just for the heck of it especcialy fjw sheikvsheik

Thanks Pickwick. BTW the top 3 turtle clan scores but all be switching characters to compensate for last tourneys pitiful performance.

And also, Doomblaze, you are one of the higher up Kart competitors too, so that's actually inflating your scores. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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my interveiw question for the Vaccinated Monks

Although 1:08.9 sound like it is fast, its really not that fast at all. I wonder if anyone here can go under 1:08?

i'm not too big on the double dash scene. ick.

well hey peach is one tough customer. won with her on the team event. : )

i loved how on the finals those two guys wanted us to pick final destination. (i believe those same ones that coaxed Jugglyguy to pick FD), we decided flat out no against that, and went for a random. we got yoshi's story or something and it was great. haha.

playing a shorthopping falco on a completely flat stage is like instant death. haha.

the moneymatch thing could be done at the library. wink wink. maybe a little sidebet in the tournament too huh?

doomblaze, it doesnt matter who is better at smash, and anyway, i did horrible at FFA
i got 2nd 2nd and 4th losing EVERY time sudden death, you do sudden death with you as IC and the others all shieks marths and samus on any course, and tell me ur results :P, u'll see at the next tourney (which i probably wont be going to, unless it rains that day, so everyone hope for rain, yay)

FJW brings me to my points of things that need fixed.
Melee put that extra minute back on most games went to sudden death i personally like FJW lost 3 times in sudden death. Also lower kart back to 2 races and maybe have 3 for co-op because co-op usually only has 2 elmination rounds.
also friday night reminded me of the good ol days 5 qualifaction rounds. Although it would have been nice to have double elmniation.
Also in the clan battle finals the other clan kept complaing cause they owned it they wanted to play a hard course and wanted to turn off handicap.

hey bad driver , you might wanna commas, but i agree with you, and sorry about being a b**** about the suprise round. i'll do the commas for you, just to make it up

FJW brings me to my points of things that need fixed.
Melee: put that extra minute back on. Most games went to sudden death, i personally, like FJW, lost 3 times in sudden death. Also lower kart back to 2 races and maybe have 3 for co-op because co-op usually only has 2 elmination rounds.
also friday night reminded me of the good ol days 5 qualifaction rounds. Although it would have been nice to have double elmniation.
Also in the clan battle finals, the other clan kept complaing cause they owned the game they wanted to play a hard course and wanted to turn off handicap.

i Wud PwN U AlL

bUt teh h4Xx0rZ a73 mY mOm...