Dylan's "Modern Times" is number one

No. 1 on the music charts, (and no, it's not Danity Kane) is Bob Dylan, with his first CD in five years, called Modern Times. My favorite music critic, who played locally with the Ragnar Kvaran Band in the 80's, says, "the cd has a spirited earthy feel, which is often lost in the technology of most modern recordings." It's reminiscent of Howlin' Wolf, with the sounds of rockabilly and country-blues on other tracks.
Rolling Stone Rock and Roll Daily


Okay, so I was going to write a review of this CD on Amazon, but I had trouble coming up with a title. I really wanted to come up with a title that would be appropriate for a review of this CD. My first thought was, "Bob Dylan Swims In Muddy Waters." Then I thought maybe, "Bob Dylan - A Folksinger In Howlin' Wolf's Clothing." Finally I settled on, "Bob Dylan Gets His Wang Dang Doodle In Modern Times." That says it all to me. What is there left to say? Dylan justifies his legend once again!