Fabric Coil Coasters!

Join us at our Pittsfield location on Tuesday, August 27th from 6:00-7:00 pm to make fabric coil coasters! We'll be making them out of rope and colorful scraps of fabric. Feel free to bring your own fabric from home if you wish! You'll want to be able to cut really long strips from it.

We will be using hot glue guns, so this is a craft for teens and adults, grades 9 and up.


sounds interesting

This looks way cool, but alas, am working during that time. Can you perhaps post a link to where you got the directions and/or what book they were in? I might want to try it on my own. :) Thanks!

would you consider giving this class at another branch in the near future? i can't get to pittsfield, since it's not on the bus line...

I am really interested in this. :)

missed it:(

looks fun :)

Will you have an another class for this?

I loved this event so much. My daughter and I went together and enjoyed this activity. Hopefully there will be another event like this next summer because if so, can't wait to participate in the event:)