Double Up Food Bucks!

If you receive Public Food Assistance, you can receive Double Up food Bucks and buy twice the amount of goods at area Farmer's Markets. This program allows recipients to spend any amount up to $20.00 per day using your Bridge Card to purchase Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB). Double that $20 to $40 by spending it on healthy, delicious Farmers Market foods like bread, baked goods plus fruits and vegetables. What a fantastic way to stretch your food budget!


Is there any sort of help getting food stamps?

That would be a GREAT idea. I would think there would be social workers or social work graduate students who are familiar with the system that would be willing to donate some time to help people get the ball rolling. Here is a website with a little info, good luck!,4562,7-124-5453_5527---,00.html

i'd like to clarify how this works. you can purchase up to $20 per day of tokens on your bridge card (that can be used for whatever food the farmer's market sells that isn't hot or prepared foods) and you'll also receive $20 in double up food bucks. the dufb can only be used for fruits and vegetables. if you want to spend more that $20 on your bridge card in a day at the farmer's market you'll still only receive $20 in dufb.

great idea

Thank you for clarifying this. I don't know if guidelines have changed, but I know that in previous years people were able to purchase other items, like baked goods, with the dufbs. Perhaps the vendors were just being generous or not paying attention.

Great way to get quality good.