Today: Ukulele Party!

There’s nothing like the ukulele to make you smile. Come on down to the Ukulele Café for family fun on
Thursday July 25, 2013: 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room . We’ll be singing favorite old time tunes, sharing a short story or two and sipping lemonade. We are so excited that our own awesome storytime musician, Sara Keller, will lead the Ukulele Party gang and Mitchell Chang and David Swain will drop by to show us how it’s really done!


hah! great for children

sounds fun

I used to play ukulele in 5th grade and it was a lot of fun!!! I suggest that everyone should try to play the ukulele because it is just like playing a guitar and it is quite simple!

Unlike guitar, you don't use a pick. But ukulele is such a fun instrument to play. It's great for beginning musicians because the chords are fairly easy to get.

I might be missing something, but what time is this happening and at which branch?

Here is the link included in the blog that has the details. Hope to see you there! StoryLaura

sound fun

yeah what branch

yes this is great for kids

Oh, I skimmed this at first and thought it might be a chance to try out playing a ukulele, but upon re-reading I don't think that's the gist of the event.

sounds like a blast!

Sounds like fun!



I always wanted to learn how to play.


Which Branch please...?

Downtown, Multi-Purpose Room.

You have to click through Ukulele Cafe to get the time (7 pm).

I may stop in

Love to listen to Hawiian music - so peaceful and lots of ukulele