AADL, Art Fairs, and You

As we have done for many years, AADL works to make using the public library and enjoying the Art Fairs compatible activities. For those who do not go near Downtown when the Art Fairs are happening, any requested item may be picked up in a branch location.

All hold periods are extended through this week, so a hold held Downtown will still be here for you Sunday when the tents and crowds are long gone. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, loan periods were set up so that nothing is due this week!

Enjoy the week wherever you happen to be!




Yes! Art Inspiration!

Thanks for thinking of us and also --- THANKS for letting us go in your office to find the Catfish and greeting us so warmly!

You are so welcome. Catfish and I are having a very cool, muddy time meeting everyone.


Loved the catfish puppet!

I like art fairs!!!

Thanks for this valuable service

Thanks for everything

it was fun

I love the Art Fair!!

Thank you for letting us know about the due dates!!!


Thanks for thinking of us. I use a branch location usually, but a very helpful service for those that live closer to downtown or those that have to rely on public transport more often.

Very thoughtful. Thanks. Traverwood is a hotbed of children's activity and parking is even difficult there, a first!

oooo.go to Art Fairs year!


looking forward to the art fair starting tomorrow

Yay Art Fair! :D

Awesome :D

it would be impossible to get down there for my books during art fair, thank you SO much!

The Art Fair starts tomorrow?!?!

I went to the Townie Party. Lots of free stuff was to be had! :)

WED GO TO Art Fairs

I love the Art fair.

I love the art fair.. have fun. AADL staff and peeps!

Thanks, Josie!

thank you.


Loved the Josie's catfish badge - so much fun! Great challenge.

I'm going to the Art Fair tomorrow!!

Thanks for your thoughtfulness and hi to your catfish :-)




Josie, my son and I really loved earning our catfish badge. He still talks about visiting your catfish and playing with your trucks. It makes me so happy that you not only support the games, but were willing to participate. Thank you so much!!

It was my pleasure, and he is welcome to visit me in my office anytime.