Pure Imagination Magic Show

There's nothing like a wacky magic show to liven up a summer day. Magician Chris Linn will bring his Pure Imagination show to Ann Arbor for two performances on Tuesday, July 16. He will be at the Pittsfield Branch at 2:00 p.m. and at the Traverwood Branch at 7:00 p.m.

This is a program for the whole family. All ages are welcome.

Try your own magic tricks by looking here.


Woah. I hope I can attend.

Maybe I can go to the Traverwood one...

I love magic tricks! I hope I can go to the Traverwood one...

i'll go to pittsfield for sure

I'll probably go to the pittsfield one.

That sounds cool, I want to go!!!

sounds fun but wish it were on a weekend instead.

Lovely! Unfortunately for this magic fan, the show is on the Ninth of Av. That's the saddest date on the Jewish calendar, when going to see a fun magic show is definitely not okay. :_(

Why aren't there more events on weekends? It's summer, but people still have to work...


I'm assuming that because so many of these events are geared for children, they tend to be scheduled for afternoons. I know my kids have had to miss a few things they'd have enjoyed because they were at day camp, but I think the library has overall done a great job of having events at many different times, days of the week, and even branches. This magic show is a good example of that.

Gee, i hope i get to see some REAL magic!!!

what macgic and where?:O

yeah. my family members work...

i know now... the Pure Imagination Magic Show right?

me too!:D

yesterday's cute clay charms i wanted to go sigh:l

I see, someone is spamming.

Magic Show !!!!!!!!!

I went to a magic show at the pittsfield branch last year. I don't know if this is the same one.

Looks cool

I can't go to it

I don't think I'm going...

I'm glad you're having it at Traverwood too!

I really hope to make it there

how long is the show supposed to last?

sounds like fun

I wish I could go cause Traverwood is close...

Really looking forward to it.

That looks fun.

so cool!

It's way beyond a full house here at Pittsfield this afternoon. We are standing in the cafe and new books areas. ;D


this is a great idea! thank you :)

That was fun!

A great performer woth a great mix of new and old standard tricks.

traverwood was extremely crowded... a few too many people for my taste, unfortunately

cool... i can't go to it... tell me about it...

It was a fun show! We went to the Pittsfield show. My children really enjoyed themselves.

yea; who doesn't love magic shows.

I mean everyone loves magic, right?


what happened? I wasn't there.

We love to see folks enjoying programming on the weekends and after work. We are also thrilled to see the hundreds of kids and families we serve during the daytime hours. We'll continue to offer all options, hoping to see as many folks as possible!

Everyone loves playing tricks. Kids love watching it & try to make it their own magic to trick others.

All the comments make me wish I went. T.T

What was happening. I didn't go.

My children are eagerly waiting to see the next performance.

Magic shows are a library summer staple!

Sorry to have missed this. I'm sure it was a great show.

As long as there are no clowns...

Oh yeah...clowns are scary...

i love magic tricks so much that i want to learn how to do them:D

i think that too sometimes... they are scary sometimes...

I never really understood why people think clowns are scary....
They're supposed to be funny, and it's just face paint anyways...

After you watch Bloody Monday, you will be afraid of clowns for the rest of you life.

It was a nice show. Both myself and my children had a lot of fun.

I am sure we would have loved it. Too bad we were on vacation then.

When is the next magic show? We were able to attend this one.